10 Important Roller Skating Questions Answered


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As the joy of roller skating grows, many people are searching for answers. To guide those seeking answers to their skating adventure, we have answered 10 important roller skating questions.


BALTIMORE, MD-There is great excitement about roller skating in Baltimore, and since Artcentron is located in Baltimore, Maryland, we have also been caught in the frenzy. In the last few months, we have been guided by that flurry and made an effort to provide important information about roller skating to Baltimoreans who are interested in taking up roller skating as a hobby or professionally. Since publishing Amazing Women Roller Skating Around Baltimore and 14 Best Roller Skating Rinks In Baltimore, Maryland, we have received many questions from Baltimoreans and others interested in taking up roller skating.

Important Roller Skating Questions Answered

This article is an attempt to answer those questions. But first, those who have not read the articles on roller skating mentioned above should try and do so because they are amazing. Without much ado, let’s get into it.

1. Can I Lose Weight Roller Skating?

Roller skating requires skills and energy. Like many other forms of exercise, roller skating keeps you in constant movement and ensures you are using every part of your body. If done correctly and regularly, roller skating could be an exciting way to lose weight, build stamina, and improve cardiovascular health.

Whether indoor or outdoor, roller skating is a great way to burn calories and improve heart health. Health experts have shown that roller skating is a cardiovascular activity that makes the heart work harder, improving the whole body system, especially the circulatory system. Roller skating also guarantees skaters will work up a sweat. In addition to following a healthy diet, indications are that, if done regularly and correctly, skating can help burn fat, leading to weight loss and a healthy lifestyle.

2. Is Roller Skating a Good Form of Exercise?

There is no denying the fact that roller skating is a good form of exercise. Research has shown that roller skating is a complete aerobic workout that involves the whole body, especially the heart. For those who do not like going to the gym, jogging, or cycling, going to roller skating rinks will ensure that they get enough exercise at all times.

There are many health benefits of roller skating, including a reduction in body fat, leg strength development, and cardiovascular health. Therefore, it is not surprising that roller skating is recognized and recommended by the American Heart Association (AHA) as an aerobic fitness sport. Although you will have a lot of fun roller skating, you will also burn calories and sweat a lot.

3. Why is Roller Skating a Good Sport?

Roller skating is a good sport because it is exciting and brings people from different communities and parts of the world together. There is a general impression that roller skating is just an activity people do for fun. While that is true, it is important to remember that roller skating is an amazing sport. It is a lifetime fitness sport for children and adults. Studies have shown that roller skating helps improve cardiovascular fitness and contributes to the development of balance and coordination. Above all, it helps build social integration as a recreational activity that brings a lot of people together. It is not unusual to see people with a mastery of basic roller skating skills participate in family, school, church, and community roller skating activities.

At the advanced level, professional roller skating teams from around the globe compete against each other to win trophies and lots of money. Roller skating is like figure skating. Some important examples of roller skating competitions include:

  • World Freestyle Skating Competition
  • European Inline Speed Skating Championship
  • Goodwood Roller Marathon
  • Ohio Speed Skating Tour
  • Artistic Roller Skating World Championships

4. Where in Baltimore Can I Roller Skate?

In a recent article, we focused on roller skating rinks in Baltimore and around Maryland. Those interested can check out our list of roller skating rinks in Baltimore, Maryland. We encourage readers to add to the list and make suggestions in the comment area. Our writers are working on providing a follow-up to that article. Be on the lookout. Also, if you want to share your experience of a visit to a roller skating rink, share it with us. We will be glad to share your experience with our readers.  

5. Is it Hard to Roller Skate?

Is it hard to roller skate? This is one question I have been asked many times, mostly by older people. It often emanates from older people watching younger groups of roller skaters doing amazing tricks.  The feeling is always a desire to be able to do the same. To directly answer the question, it is not hard to roller skate.  Of course, this depends on the person and their ability to learn. The faster you learn to balance on your roller skates, the faster you will learn to skate. I have seen many children and adults do it. However, learning to roller skate requires a lot of commitment and patience. There are different equipment that roller skate instructors use to teach new skaters.

Learning to roller skate can be challenging in the beginning. It is easy to lose balance and fall. A lot of falling will happen during the learning process. According to experts, it is better to fall on your back to prevent getting injured. As someone said, falling on your face could lead to injuries. Falling while learning to roller skate is not unusual. In fact, many professional skaters fall before they become good at skating. It is important to stay positive and confident. Practice, practice, and practice again are the important steps to excellence.  It is important to follow the directions of your instructors and wear your roller skating gear.  Hold on to the rails and walls as you practice balancing. This leads us to the next question: Can anyone learn to roller skate?

6. Can Anyone Learn to Roller Skate?

The simple answer to this question is yes.  Roller skating is a sport for all ages, and anyone can learn to roller skate. Across the globe, children and adults engage in roller skating for fun and sport. If you can balance on a roller skate, you can skate. It is important to state that learning to roller skate requires determination, patience, and practice.   Generally, it is easier for young people to learn to skate. They are very intuitive and adventurous. However, adults in their 50s or older can also learn to roller skate. There are many videos on YouTube of older people roller skating or learning how to skate.  

Clearly, age is not a barrier to learning to roller skate. For older adults, however, the first place to start is a consultation with the doctor. If you are older than 50 and have some kind of illness, it is best to speak to your doctor before taking up skating.  If you get permission from your doctor, you should be set to go.  Of course, you still have to be very careful. A bad fall or injury at old age is a serious risk. A good rule of thumb is to always have someone with you.

Getting good roller skating shoes and a good instructor

Getting good roller skating shoes and a good instructor to guide you through the process is the first place to start.   A word of caution: always wear your protective equipment, such as helmet, gloves, knee pads, elbow pads, gloves, padded shorts, and other protective gear, at all times. Follow your instructor’s directives!  If you have any physical condition, it is better to stick with the basics and avoid fanciful maneuvers. Listen to the music and sail easily.  If you feel dizzy while practicing, it is better to take a break and go back to practicing when you are comfortable.

6. What is a Good Age to Start Roller Skating?

This is one of the important roller skating questions we have answered repeatedly. It is always better to start at a very young age, say between 3 and 5 years. At this age, it is easy to teach children how to maintain balance and break their falls in a way that prevents them from injuring themselves.  Generally, it is better to start learning to roller skate at a very young age because, as children grow older, they get the opportunity to improve their skating skills.  Older people can also learn to roller skate, but a lot of considerations often go into this decision. The most important thing is health. If you are older, it is important to consult your doctor before taking up roller skating.  

7. Can Someone Roller Skate Without Wearing Gears?

This is one of the important roller skating safety questions we have to answer. From all indications, it is not mandatory for people to wear roller skating gear when skating. When you go to roller skating rinks, it is not unusual to see many people not wearing protective gear while skating.  However, we strongly recommend that everyone wear all the necessary gear when roller skating. The gear protects the skater in case of a fall. Even professional skaters wear their roller skating equipment when skating. So, our conclusion is that everyone should wear their roller skating protective gear when skating.

8. Is Roller Skating Fun?

If you have seen the images and videos of people roller skating, it is not farfetched to conclude that roller skating is a lot of fun. But perhaps the best way to experience the excitement of roller skating is to go to a roller skating rink or spot.  There, you see young and older people doing some of the most amazing roller skating tricks. There are people who can even do backflips and somersaults on roller skates. Yes, roller skating is a lot of fun.

9. Can Roller Skating Tone Legs and Buns?

According to physical training instructors, the answer is yes. They based their conclusions on the muscles used during roller skating.  Skating involves the use of all the muscles in the legs and feet. Skating engages muscles such as Biceps Femoris, Vestus Lateralis, Iliotibial Tract, Rectus  Femoris, Vestus Medialis, Semitendinosus, and Glutens Maximus, allowing for toning. The clear indication is that roller skating is one of the exercises that can help tone legs and buns. So, Can Roller Skating Tone Legs and Buns? The answer is yes.

10. What Are the Safety Tips for Roller Skating?

This question requires an entire article. However, I will make the effort to list some roller skating safety tips here. They reflect indoor and outdoor roller skating tips.

Roller Skating Safety Tips

  • Make sure roller skates are in good condition
  • Wear all protective gear at all times: helmet, elbow pads, knee pads, wrist guards, gloves
  • Take a break when tired
  • Avoid bumping into other skaters
  • Be mindful of your environment
  • Don’t text while skating
  • Skate during daylight hours
  • Don’t skate alone when outdoors
  • Use recreational trails when skating outdoors
  • Carry water with you on hot days

Do you have anything to add to these important roller skating questions we answered? Leave a comment.



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