“+1Ov3” Solo Exhibition by Ana Barriga at Volery Gallery in Dubai, UAE – StreetArtNews


Volery Gallery presents +1Ov3, a solo exhibition showcasing Ana Barriga this coming 14 April – 10 May well 2022. On display are eight paintings inhabited by creatures and scenes that contradict the logic we have been taught to stay. Barriga tries to keep up with the insanity of existence by generating people born from the liberty that may perhaps look connected to craziness as a reflection on the frenzies of her personal lifetime.

In the series of paintings, the duality concerning truth and the oneiric is current. Barriga is interested in the coexistence of a playful, even childish, aesthetic with a cruder narrative. The concurrence of the innocent and the responsible, the obvious and the true and the contradiction in between a sensitive caress preceded by a sharp slap of stark irony.

Compared with earlier exhibitions that have had a narrative thread connecting all the functions, +1Ov3 emerges from the exact second that Barriga is dwelling. The artworks surface as a reaffirmation of what and who the artist is, as well as a reaffirmation of her paintings. In her do the job, Barriga provides iconography open to the viewer’s subjectivity and his flexibility to interpret.

The exhibition will operate until eventually 10 May perhaps 2022. Schedule your take a look at below.
For inquiries and to register curiosity on the Preview Listing remember to electronic mail [email protected].

Scroll down down below to have a sneak peak on +1Ov3 exhibition.

Ana Barriga, La Brava. Oil, enamel, marker, and spray paint on canvas 130 x 117 cm.jpg

Ana Barriga, La Pareja Perfecta. Oil, enamel, marker, and spray paint on canvas 133 x 109 cm

Ana Barriga, Yotamo. Oil, enamel, marker, and spray paint on canvas 54 x 82 cm


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