3 Ways to core vintage-inspired ephemera for journaling and collage


If you like the plan of utilizing classic ephemera in your creations and perhaps do not have access to any the place you are, I’m sharing 3 methods to rating vintage-inspired ephemera for journaling and collage.

Why do persons enjoy accumulating and creating with vintage ephemera?

Effectively, vintage ephemera is paper treasure. It’s a way to get a glimpse into the past.

What makes it so attractive to operate with? Usually these papers have desirable typography and types, offer intriguing points and illustrations, and can be fairly worthwhile. On the functional aspect, ephemera is ordinarily modest, quickly sent by way of the mail, and straightforward to retail outlet due to the fact it’s flat.

If you like the strategy of employing classic ephemera in your creations and maybe never have obtain to any exactly where you are, here’s what you can do about it.

My to start with tip is to look for and obtain papers in a “vintage style” around you.

For example, retain your paper-fodder eye open up at the grocery retail outlet. Right here are some examples.

  • Trader Joe’s flyer
  • D’arbo – jam labels, Late July – crackers
  • wine bottle labels

My 2nd idea for obtaining a maintain of classic ephemera is to trade it.

There are so quite a few artwork teams online. The most significant collection of teams I can consider of is on Facebook. I do not have any suggestions for specific teams. You’d have to do some analysis to see what’s the appropriate in shape for you. You also have to believe about what you could potentially supply.

I established my very own neighborhood, off of Facebook, and it’s named the Collage Art Collective. I have acquired a spot inside of wherever you can discover others to trade papers with.

If you’re not interested in trying on the internet groups, look at your nearby neighborhood to see if any artwork teams satisfy. This could be via your library or group heart.

You can also read far more suggestions I have prepared in a blog site put up about exactly where you can find vintage ephemera.

My 3rd suggestion for getting vintage ephemera is to make your possess.

“Wait a minute”, you may be contemplating. “If I make it, does not that necessarily mean it is not vintage?” Yes, it does, but which is ok for the reason that, you can make incredibly creative items in a vintage fashion that will operate just as properly, if not much better, than the actual issue. Permit me show you.

  • stamp on previous textbook paper
  • stamp on tea luggage or use them as an overlay
  • napkin stamping
  • inking
  • printing ephemera

a metal ring holds a stack of vintage scrap papers

I outlined that generating your personal ephemera could be even much better than the authentic thing. What do I imply by that? I say that simply because you can make changes or modifications for precise assignments you are functioning on.

I hope this presents you some tips for buying your individual ephemera. If you have any other tips or advice, enable me know in the remarks. 




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