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“If you certainly appreciate character, you will discover beauty all over the place.” —Vincent van Gogh

There are so numerous means that painters can pull inspiration from Vincent van Gogh’s decade of portray. I not too long ago posted about 6 ways van Gogh can make you a improved artist. But these days I want to search at 1 facet of van Gogh’s paintings—his several paintings of flowers—and how they can be a potent inspiration for painters.

  1. Paint Flowers to Grasp Coloration

Portray flowers was a way for van Gogh to transition from the use of boring, somber shades to dazzling, bold colours. He made use of his floral paintings as coloration studies. In specific, he enjoyed generating daring contrast making use of complementary hues in some of these paintings, these kinds of as crimson roses on a green track record, blue irises on a yellow history, or yellow flowers on a purple history.

So even if you are pondering that you really do not prepare to develop into recognised for your floral paintings, flowers are the great starting stage for shade scientific studies. The much more you experiment with shade research, the extra mastery you will achieve—which will benefit you no make a difference what issue make a difference you plan to focus in!

2. Be Open to Variety

You could consider of sunflowers when you hear “van Gogh’s flowers.” But in truth he painted a large wide variety of flowers outside of sunflowers: irises, roses, peonies, poppies, chrysanthemums, lilacs, daisies, and extra. Van Gogh was also open to portray flowers at all levels of their life cycle, from fresh blooms to wilting. Each individual flower experienced some thing to instruct him!

I urge you to consider photos of flowers that you see near your property. Get a working day and go to your nearby botanical backyard garden, back garden middle, or historic back garden to face a large wide variety of bouquets. At a minimal, glance at seed catalogs or on the net shots of flowers to establish which ones are the most fascinating to you. And don’t ignore to continue to keep an open brain when bouquets are “past their peak.” You’ll uncover that aging bouquets (just like aging persons) still have a beauty all their own.

3. Get a Deep Dive into Painting Flowers

Van Gogh produced his design by portray at a feverish speed. For example, in the summer of 1886, he painted 30 floral nevertheless lifes! The extra he painted, the much more he produced his colour sense and his brushwork.

Now envision what you could understand if you committed to a floral “deep dive” painting series! You could paint 10 floral nevertheless lifes that focus on just one or two sorts of bouquets in distinctive compositions. Consider how that would effects your relationship with and being familiar with of that style of flower and the powerful raise to your art competencies it would give you! I problem you to go deep into this subject matter as van Gogh did. See what you discover!

Flowers and Your Artwork

I’d enjoy to know what your beloved bouquets are for painting subjects—or whether or not you have never experimented with painting flowers. Are you encouraged to take some inspiration from van Gogh’s florals? I’d enjoy it if you’d permit me know in the reviews.


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