5 Facts About Street Magic Revealed


Here is my summary of five key facts about this particular field of magic that most people will not know. This form of magic is one of the most exciting that anyone can behold, over 3000 years old it is one of the world’s oldest professions and has the capacity to surprise and amaze.

1. There is very little documented about street magic until the 1970s, where some groundbreaking books were published which led to the creation of the modern day street magician and began a career of a young individual called David Blaine.

2. If you ask a true street magician or the most important skill is in his profession, he will tell you it has nothing to do with the skill of the tricks but more to do with the skill of keeping a crowd entertained and making them want to give you money.

3. The style of magic commonly performed by David Blaine is not in fact street magic, but in fact guerrilla magic. Guerrilla magic is seen as a new twist on street magic whereby the participants are surprised to be involved. Anyone watching one of David Blaine TV series will be able to verify that the participants are certainly surprised to be involved in most cases.

4. One of the most famous and original street magicians is a New Yorker called Jeff Sheridan. His groundbreaking work titled ‘Street magic, an illustrated history of wandering magicians and their conjuring arts’.

5. Very few magicians have relied solely on street magic to become successful in the public profile. Magicians such as David Blaine and Chris Angel have used guerrilla magic to start their careers but have had to create elaborate more complex stunts in order to keep the public interested in their magic.

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