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Artist Gabriela Hirt makes paintings and sculpture that investigate collective record, isolation and social injustice. Locate extra of her portfolio on her web-site.


abstract figurative painting by Gabriela Hirt

“Underbelly” combined media, 80″ x 60″


When I went to significant faculty, I was advised I couldn’t paint. I considered my instructor and turned to pottery and crafting as imaginative outlets.


abstract figurative painting by Gabriela Hirt

“Baggage” (diptych) acrylic and plaster on canvas, 30″ x 80″


For more than two many years I worked as a journalist for German publications, loving every single minute of it. But I longed to express myself more viscerally. Through a sabbatical, when my loved ones and I lived on a sailboat in the Mediterranean, I picked up the paintbrush once more. I understood I experienced identified my serious reason.


abstract figurative painting by Gabriela Hirt

“Blue” acrylic on canvas, 30″ x 30″


Bowing to a very long affinity with phrases, my paintings typically commence with stream-of-consciousness-creating, followed by mark producing by means of gestural movements making use of my entire physique.


abstract figurative painting by Gabriela Hirt

“Mothers” acrylic on canvas, 40″ x 60″


I like to get the job done large. There may possibly be 6 layers of paint ahead of the particular narrative of a piece is beginning to evolve. Accessing intuitive somatic wisdom even though at the very same time utilizing analytical inquiry is a continuous, fascinating balancing act to me.


abstract figurative painting by Gabriela Hirt

“Urban Motion #2″ acrylic on canvas,10″ x 10”


I grew up in Put up-Holocaust Germany and have extended been interested in concerns of guilt, racial justice and reconciliation. To me, background is enduring, manifesting in our bodies in the course of generations. What has happened in the past governs present and foreseeable future, in the end defining our ability for tolerance.


abstract figurative painting by Gabriela Hirt

“Urban Motion #5″ acrylic on wooden,10″ x 10”


Considering that I stay in Canada as an immigrant from Germany, it is of unique fascination to me how trauma and collective guilt retain us mired in made ideas of hierarchy, perpetuating colonial injustice.


abstract figurative sculptures by Gabriela Hirt

“Storied Bodies” paper sculptures, 4′ x 4′


In my paintings and sculptures, I convey to narratives of abstracted figures in marriage with just about every other. These frequently touch on themes of isolation and disconnection. I concentration on the language of the entire body, which to me is the genuine storyteller, particularly when it will come to social interactions. Faces, on the other hand, are taken care of ambiguously on reason.


abstract figurative sculpture by Gabriela Hirt

“Storied Bodies” paper and glue sculptures with painting, 4′ x 4′


The paper sculptures I build are in immediate romantic relationship with my paintings. As a issue of fact, they are meant to sense like they’re coming alive and stepping correct out of the photograph plane.


abstract figurative painting by Gabriela Hirt

“Conjunction” (diptych) combined media on wooden, 60″ x 80″


My stylized figures may well be antagonizing, nonetheless they often have additional in prevalent than not. This is conveyed by their equivalent fabric, color, marks and linework. You could say there is a absence of pores and skin laying bare the vulnerability and woundedness of target, perpetrator and joyful dancer alike. Issues of a power imbalance are relayed by sizing, positioning and motion of the figures on the canvas and in 3D.


abstract figurative painting by Gabriela Hirt

“Tell Me It” acrylic on canvas, 30″ x 30″


In my perform I reflect on the disconnect I understand in modern society and the suffering brought on by injustice rooted in fake mental development of superiority and inferiority. It is my hope that my do the job makes discussion and reflection particularly inside viewers of privilege.


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