Andrew Rice’s “A Future We Were Promised. A Future…


At the moment on watch at Talon Gallery in Portland, Oregon is artist Andrew Rice’s solo exhibition, “A Long run We Have been Promised. A Long term That In no way Came.”

Andrew suggests of the operate, “the pieces in this system of work are collages comprised totally of previous comedian e book imagery. Most of the books have been from my childhood and furthermore the items in this human body of work have a definite perception of nostalgia. I am drawn into the youthful optimism the comedian book imagery retains. This idea of the potential we had been promised. A long run that in no way came.I relate the collage pieces to my work as a printmaker in a whole lot of strategies. Via the layering, the texture creating and the meticulous slicing and inserting, the act of making feels a whole lot like making a print. In its own way, it is a form of print “making.” I am making a new piece of unique operate out of an edition, performing backwards from what my printmaker self is skilled and common with.It is not as crucial to me at the instant to make my have, exclusive marks, but rather use a visu- al catalog that now exists to create a new piece. An writer, or poet seldom makes a new word, but can continue to explain to an completely unique story with the words readily available in their language. I am hunting at collage in a similar way. Applying the images that are already at my disposal to notify a new, but familiar tale.”


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