Art Literally Brought Me Back To A Full Life


Nickolas Hale has a compelling tale to tell. He actually sought us out to relay his story.

He was working three jobs simultaneously and at 24 believed he was invincible. Well, that was, until he suffered a stroke as a consequence. As he lay in the Nepean Hospital and listened to the doctors pronounce that he would never walk again, it made him determine one thing, that he would prove them wrong.

As well as doing the rehab advised by the physiotherapists, he also began to express himself through art. Only five of the 40 who were in the same section as he, chose to do so. He definitely advanced more quickly than the other 35. After four months he walked out of hospital and is so grateful for the contribution art played in his recovery. He is married now with a son and maintains permanent employment. Art is his relaxation, therapy and hobby. He didn’t paint before the stroke but has unleashed a hidden talent now.

Meeting Nickolas and hearing his journey was made the more remarkable when I learnt that he also does volunteer work. This brave young man works with disabled children using both his expertise as a chef and as an artist. He shows them how to use the plate as a canvas. The children are encouraged to arrange food in tempting and colourful patterns. It is a favourite time of the week and he is astounded with the progress they have made.

Nickolas warns all would be, ‘invincible people’ to take time out and enjoy life.

Art played an enormous role in the life of Sylvia during her recovery from breast cancer. Encouraged by the Breast Cancer group in her area, she began painting with water colours. Her tutor saw her emerge from a nervous, worried lady to one of serenity and hope. It appeared as though healing and happiness grew with each brush stroke. Her career had been an academic one and she found little time for the arts.

With each new painting, so her skill developed from rank amateur to exhibition status. No one was more amazed than she, when her work sold and indeed, was sort after by art enthusiasts.Her life took on a whole new perspective and led to a career and lifestyle change. Gone was the nervous woman and in her place a new Sylvia, who actually took time to see and enjoy the world around her. Her new found contentment was expressed in her subject matter and choice of colours. She is enthusiastic about life and is now encouraging others to explore their potential.

She has found art to be a soothing, satisfying way of alleviating stress in breast cancer victims and reports that many other ladies have developed new found talents too. Don’t wait for adversity to set you on the path of creativity. Start now in whatever medium you choose. You may be surprised by your hidden talents.

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