Art Show at Reading Hospital helping patients, employees heal from pandemic | Berks Regional News


READING, Pa. – At a pop-up art show at Reading Hospital, you will find paintings, baskets and sketches on display. Each piece tells a story through the eyes of hospital workers and students on the frontlines of the pandemic. It comes during National Hospital Week.

“It’s called Working Pieces: COVID Through the Eyes of the Artist,” said Rosi Wurster, chief nursing officer at Reading Hospital.

Wurster said the show was created through conversations with staff and leaders.

“Knowing that our team members have really been pouring themselves out to care for the patients that we have.”

It is a two-year period Wurster said has been challenging for everyone. Now the art show is a time to support healing.

“When I walk through and see some of these pieces, it’s very emotional, it’s very personal. These are sort of renderings of the experiences of our caregivers,” said Wurster.

She said each piece is a reminder of the humanity in being a care provider, all individuals working for a common cause, all bringing things to the table.

“In this case we have the opportunity to display those talents,” said Wurster.

All through the eyes of the artist.

“Being in healthcare, this is our time. This is where we show up to care for our community, and to be able to express what that’s like in a variety of ways is just a beautiful thing,” said Wurster.


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