Banksy has created so many different pieces of art, all with different mediums and messages. Banksy has commercialized street art without selling it out; he has become the idol for many aspiring artists, and although he spray painted his way to the most well known graffiti artist, there are several works (not limited to street art) that are incredibly popular even today, roughly three decades after Banksy first appeared from the underground scene in Bristol. Among many other pieces, Banksy Fallen Angel and the Bansky Monkey are two of the most popular, and they can be seen on t-shirts, posters, canvas, and replicated on the streets by avid fans who purchased stencils of his art.

Banksy Fallen Angel

This work symbolizes the downfall of something wonderful, be it person, society, or civilization as we know it. This piece was controversial to religious folk because it depicts a hopeless angel sitting on the ground smoking a cigarette and holding a bottle of alcohol. Many people saw this as an anti-religious statement, but Banksy was merely demonstrating that even the best people sometimes get down on their luck and fall from grace. Another famous angel depicted by Banksy is the Ozone Angel, which is allegedly a tribute to another street artist named Ozone who was killed by a train. This angel stands holding a human skull, and the angel is adorned with a bulletproof vest. Banksy Fallen Angel and the Ozone Angel are extremely popular works that have been reproduced on canvas, stencils, t-shirts, and various other forms. These pieces have risen above the controversy and become beloved by those who do not see it as a stab at religion.

Banksy Monkey

Monkeys are a motif in Banksy’s artwork, but not monkeys in the traditional sense. Typically, Banksy depicted monkeys partaking in controversial activity, which was meant to provoke thought among onlookers about the wayward tendencies of mankind. Examples of Banksy’s monkey works include monkey parliament, Banksy French monkey, the Banksy Monkey Detonator, the Banksy queen monkey, and monkey mask. All of these works are part of a larger collection, and there are far too many pieces that Banksy created (concerning the monkeys especially) to list here. Each of them are unique, but all of them are rising in popularity as Banksy’s name and talent spreads throughout the world.

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