Best Coffee Places in Portland, Oregon

Portland is one of the most notable places in the Pacific Northwest in terms of culinary culture. There are a myriad of food trucks, the Saturday Market is a hub of food and drink activity, and Distillery Row has a bunch of distilleries that churn out everything from gin to whiskey.


Most notable as well is the city’s coffee, which is often hailed as some of the best in the nation. Stumptown, Coava, and Courier Coffee are just some of the more famous bean brewers out there.


Next time you’re in town looking at Portland houses for sale, tuck into a cup of Joe at one of these noteworthy cafes.


Stumptown (Several locations)

This brand is most associated with Portland, a staple in the area since 1999. Stumptown prides itself on carefully scouring for the best beans around, with its team spending half the year in countries that produce the product.


The company created the Direct Trade model for sourcing green coffee.


Most of their blends are considered medium roast and come from places like Honduras, Ethiopia, Columbia, and Ecuador.


The largest retail shop can be found on 3rd Avenue, which offers not only spaces to eat and drink but also rotating art exhibits.


Pájaro (1816 SW River Drive)

Pájaro hits all the right buttons for those who are environmentally conscious: its offerings are plant-based, vegan, local, organic, and low-waste.


Milk offers include almond, brown rice, and coconut, and sweeteners are added in the form of maple syrup and dates.


What’s more, a seat at Pájaro offers a great view: the shop sits along the Southwest Portland waterfront.


Deadstock (408 NW Couch Street)

Self-hyped as “snob-free” coffee, Deadstock offers an experience at its physical location geared towards folks who fancy footwear.


It’s a sneaker-themed shop, and is boasted as the right spot to talk about the latest drops on the market. There are rotating art exhibits and rare sneaker collections.


Coffees include the Fruity Pebble-esque Fresh Prince, chocolatey Dark Jawn, and decaf Slow Jamz.


Coava Coffee Roasters (Several locations)

Coava is another noted name in the area, and may sound familiar if you’ve watched Jerry Seinfeld’s “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.”


Like Stumptown, Coava prides itself on its green coffee practices and works hard to form relationships with its farmers, importers, and wholesale partners.


Their brews include Familia Mancia, a blend of amaretto, cherry pie, and vanilla wafer flavors; Meaza, which has notes of candied citrus, honeydew, and hibiscus tea; and Las Capucas, which has flavors of red currant, sweet brandy, caramel, and chocolate.


Tov Coffee & Tea (3207 SE Hawthorne Blvd #5044)

Tov is a shop housed on a bright red double-decker bus, with the bar located on the bottom and seating available on the upper deck.


It specializes in Egyptian-style coffee, and the seating in the upper area echoes this sentiment with wooden chairs adorned with jewel-toned cushions.


They serve the Nectar of the Gods, a caramel latte with cardamom; Turkish coffee with an espresso shot; and Karkadeh, also known as Egyptian iced tea.