Books – Art, Architecture and Photography


Bell Hooks once stated “Life transforming ideas have always come to me through books.” There is no better rejuvenation than reading a book for anyone who has picked it up as a hobby. Books indeed fill up your mind with ideas; ideas that are sometimes vain, sometimes thought provoking and sometimes life transforming. Books for every interest group exist in this world. Be it an adventure seeking soul, a meditation lover, a die hard romantic, a photography enthusiast or a connoisseur of art. The task here is just to find that right one that is capable of satiating your thirst.

Art, architecture and photography is a popular category when it comes to the book section of various high street stores or e-shops. Various followers of art, architecture and photography are on a never-ending trail for buying books that can further enhance their knowledge in their fields of interest. Not just the self starters, the veterans in the field too are on a constant look out for such books that can give a push to their careers.

Range of recommended books falling under this category includes the likes of The Digital Photography Handbook: An Illustrated Step-by-Step Guide by Doug Harman, The Botanical Palette: Colour for the Botanical Painter by Society of Botanical Artists, The Story of Art by E.H.Gombrich, Architect’s Pocket Book by Charlotte Baden-Powell, Landscape Photographer of the Year: Collection 1 by Charlie Waite and Understanding Exposure: How to Shoot Great Photographs with a Film or Digital Camera by Bryan Peterson.

Informational books as these not just interests the veterans in the field, but general book readers as well who have an eye for art, architecture and photography. Various portals and e-shops on the internet have special sections dedicated to these genres. Most of the bestsellers in these categories are available online. You can also avail the free home delivery benefit offered by the merchants over the World Wide Web.

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