Buttonwood Tree art show, ‘Water Music’ by Donald Logie, on view in Middletown


The Buttonwood Tree of Middletown’s May art show is “Water Music” by Donald Logie. One of his pieces is shown here.

The Buttonwood Tree of Middletown’s Might artwork clearly show is “Water Music” by Donald Logie. A single of his parts is proven listed here.

The Buttonwood Tree / Contributed picture

MIDDLETOWN — The Buttonwood Tree is featuring space photographer Donald Logie in its May well art demonstrate titled “Water Audio.”

Logie established out to chronicle the relaxed movement of drinking water and electricity of its colours, according to a push launch. “All physical and psychological lifestyle will come from h2o,” the business stated.

“To the photographer, drinking water is like a sponge, which absorbs and demonstrates whichever it will come in speak to with. By way of his pics of water from various pure resources, Donald explores colour, which can come from daylight hitting the drinking water daylight bouncing off the bottom of a physique of h2o sunlight hitting objects in the h2o, underneath the h2o, by the water,” the news launch said.

He also explores the “water’s calmness with its regular mild circulation, continual rhythm, and comforting audio. He explained that the calmness imparted by drinking water makes movement and way to the vitality created by its colour: ‘The drinking water flows. So do we,’” The Buttonwood mentioned.

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