Career of Someone With Tan Lang (Greedy Wolf) Star in Their Zi Wei Dou Shu Chart


I was teaching Zi Wei Dou Shu (“ZWDS”) astrology to a person by the initial of N.S over the weekend. As we were analyzing one chart belonging to a yet- to- be-identified celebrity, N.S asked me if the chart belonged to that of a prostitute. I can see his logic for guessing so because this lady’s chart had a Tan Lang (Greedy Wolf) star it has a Hua Ji (Transformed Avoidance) star. In Zi Wei Dou Shu astrology, star images are critical to our understanding of each star and the image for Tan Lang is a courtesan or geisha. Hua Ji means unstable or exhibiting unstable characteristics. Most Zi Wei Dou Shu book authors or teachers classify Hua Ji as a negative star or negative enhancer although I beg to differ on the description that Hua Ji star is all about negativities.

So it is comes as no surprise most people would surmise that a Geisha that turns negative is likely to be a prostitute. It is true Geishas or Courtesans sells entertainment and for ladies in the entertainment industries, when we think of work obligation going to the extreme, we may think they sell their bodies as well. However, Hua Ji is not a negative star or negative enhancer as I often reiterate. The way I would read the Hua Ji enhancer is that it makes this person an extremely engaging or outstanding entertainer.

The entertainer whose chart we were discussing is actually that of a famous but deceased Hong Kong entertainment industry diva.

So as we can see, the Hua Ji is not unequivocally exerting negative influences on her, at least not on her career. Hua Ji represents extreme and in this case, it manifests in her as a “extremely popular” person in the entertainment (singing and acting) industry. So while prostitution and performing arts all belong to the same career categorization of entertainment, care should be taken not to colour the birth chart of performing artistes with sleaze. While people with Tan Lang star may do well either in the performing arts or prostitution industry, there is a world of difference in both industrial professions.

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