Carlo Crivelli ”Shadows on the Sky” at Ikon Gallery, Birmingham


Ikon provides the initially exhibition in the Uk focused to the get the job done of Renaissance artist Carlo Crivelli.

“Shadows on the Sky” highlights his experimental use of standpoint, trompe l’oeil (optical illusion) and sculptural reduction to produce illusions of illusionism. This kind of cleverness was conveyed with consummate craftsmanship and foiled by an extraordinary elegance. Crivelli’s paintings the two propose and undermine his personal visual trickery to examine the coexistence of material and religious realities.

Organised in partnership with The Countrywide Gallery, the exhibition also features loans from other top establishments this sort of as the National Believe in, the Vatican Pinacoteca, the Victoria & Albert Museum, The Wallace Collection, and the Gemäldegalerie. Through these big loans – some for the first time – we are invited to rethink Crivelli’s sophisticated comprehending of the romance involving artwork and what it signifies. With a feeling of irony, discovered five hundred many years later in Magritte’s Ceci n’est pas une pipe (1929), he subtly denies the likelihood of a single getting bewildered with the other.

At Ikon Gallery, Birmingham
until May 29, 2022


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