On November 11, 1928 in Panama City, one of the famous and best living essayists and novelists in the Hispanic world was born – Carlos Fuentes. A Mexican writer who gave pride to Mexican flag, Fuentes’ works greatly influenced the Latin American literature and most of his works were translated to English and several other languages.

Having diplomat parents, Fuentes lived in different places such as Rio de Janeiro, Quito, Santiago, Buenos Aires and Montevideo. During his teen years, he moved back to Mexico and lived until 1965. Following the footsteps of his parents, Fuentes also become a diplomat and lived in Paris, London, and other cities. He also became a teacher in famous universities such as Cambridge, Princeton, Columbia, and Harvard.

In 1964, Fuentes was inspired to write a novel based on real events surrounding the disappearance of an American writer Ambrose Bierce during the Mexican revolution. He started writing “Gringo Viejo” which he was able to finish in 1984. It was published in 1985 and became the first American bestseller written by a Mexican. The novel talks about Mexican identity, cultural exchange, and death. In 1989 it was adapted into a movie and was titled “Old Gringo” which starred famous Hollywood stars Gregory Peck and Jane Fonda.

Aside from “Gringo Viejo” Fuentes also wrote famous literary works such as “Los dias enmascarados” (1954), “La muerte de Artemio Cruz” (1962), “Cambio de piel” (1967), “La nueva novela hispanoamericana” (1969), “Agua quemada” (1981), “Cristobal Nonato” (1987), and “Los anos con Laura Diaz” (1999).

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