Daily Campello Art News: Another beautiful voice: Melissa Harris-Perry


By now you know the story of my obsessions with interesting voices heard over the airwaves, and for many years I have written about the strange seductive power of a distinct radio voice, where one has no idea of the physical attributes of the speaker.  

In this post I’ve wondered about “the most beautiful voice on the planet”, one that I would bet belongs to somewhat tall (a voice like that needs an appropriate vehicle) and I just know that she has a long, elegant neck. Not as long as Parmigianino’s Madonna dal Collo Lungo (Madonna with Long Neck), but she’d make a perfect model for a contemporary interpretation of that Mannerist masterpiece. It takes a breath-taking neck like that to deliver the melody that is her voice.

I’ve also mentioned another interesting voice in the air is that of WMAL’s Maria Leaf and discussed the strangely-patterned diction of Michael Barbaro, who is an American journalist and the host of The New York Times news podcast, The Daily.

I have also lamented and discussed the uniquely young American female phenomenon of “vocal fry.” Young women, that is, until Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s spectacularly annoying voice made its debut during the attempted lynching of now Justice Kavanaugh.

WAMU’s Lauren Ober and Lauren Landau’s radio voices  have also been commented upon, and most recently I discussed the voices and laughter of these two Commies sprouting Russian propaganda over Radio Sputnik.

For the last year or so, I have been entertained by the creamy and elegant voice of Melissa Harris-Perry in NPR’s The Takeaway show.

Harris-Perry’s voice flows and flows as if it was an actual part of the radio frequency itself – not just being carried by it.  It caresses the airwaves as it modulates them, rather than permit the physics of RF to modulate it. Do not make the mistake to assume that it is just that… it is also a firm, strong voice, worthy of a Middle School principal.

Harris-Perry also has the almost magical gift of being able to transform any subject that she focuses upon on upon race – A.N.Y. S.U.B.J.E.C.T!!!!

This is an impressive gift which makes her program addictive not only to learn about justifiable racial issues which deserve attention and air time, but also to learn from a master magician as she focuses any subject on the planet towards the inequities of race.  I bet that if someone asked MHP to discuss solar flares we’d all end up learning something related to racial inequities caused by our dying star.

If I had one topic for Ms. Harris-Perry to explore, would be for her “out” the blatant racism of Ernesto Guevara de La Serna Lynch, better known to the world as “Che”, and whose iconic image adorns trillions of T-Shirts worn by clueless people (including people of color), ignorant that they are wearing the visage of a poisonous racist.

T-Shirt God - The real racist Che Guevera
This is Che
2012 F. Lennox Campello


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