Ep 114 Art Collaboration Ideas


In today’s art podcast we are chatting about artwork collaboration strategies. We are going to give you some ideas on different methods you could perform with other artists and creatives.

Art Podcast - Art collaboration ideas

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One particular artist commences a drawing and the other finishes it

Collaborating can be wonderful fun, so you want to attempt anything, but you want to continue to keep it genuinely very simple to check the h2o, you build a drawing (or aspect of a drawing) and then ship it to the individual you have chosen to collaborate with… and then that person could contend the drawing, or insert their individual component to it.

Or better nonetheless you could both make a drawing and then swap!

And this reminds me of that match we used to enjoy as young children, named ‘Hats.’ And what you would do, is attract a hat at the top rated of a piece of paper, then fold it down so the other particular person could not see it, then they would draw the head, fold it down and hand it back. And you’d continue to keep executing it until eventually you reached the ft. Then at the end, you would open up the paper and expose the odd individual you’d each designed.

A sketchbook relay

An additional genuinely great concept would be to get jointly with a team of close friends and do a sketchbook relay. So, you would sketch the 1st page, then send the reserve to the upcoming individual and they would fill the future page and so on. Inevitably, the total book would be a person major collaboration!

We’ve believed about performing this for Kick in the Creatives, but the logistics might be a bit difficult mainly because we are all in excess of the planet! But it could be genuinely cool to do a little something like that.

Edit two items of art collectively digitally

You could equally create something by hand and then edit it with each other digitally with a photograph editing app like Photoshop.

A single way of carrying out this is to the two start out with the identical reference image. Do your personal interpretation and then see if you can mix the two together digitally. Or one particular of you could start so the other can see what they have to work with.

We did imagine that we could probably do a collab like this. It’s possible Tara could draw a confront and then Sandra could attract a piece of fruit or a hand holding a glass and then we see if we could reduce them alongside one another digitally

Various artists attract on an online drawing board

There are on-line drawing boards where you can get together with on the internet close friends and all attract on the exact same board. Tara as soon as did this at an on the internet celebration and the final results were being very awesome.

A next artists works above the top of your art digitally

One more way to collaborate is for one particular of you could create a piece of artwork and then the other particular person operates over the top rated digitally. Which is the way I have labored with the collaborations I have performed. Because the other artists function digitally, I started and then scanned in my piece and then they worked in excess of he best.

Make every other an artwork box job

A different way you could collaborate is by sending each and every other a deal of artwork elements that the other man or woman has to create one thing with. This could be the elements that you like to use that may well drive the other man or woman out of their comfort zone.

Sandra and Tara did this by sending every single other art materials of an agreed value.

Artwork postcard swap

So, on our Facebook team, we organise a postcard swap at the beginning of every single thirty day period. So, anyone who wishes to do it, puts their name down and then we randomly choose pairs. Then those people two persons have to produce a postcard and ship it to the other human being by the finish of the month. So it not strictly a collab, but it is a beautiful way of sharing artwork and so pleasant to receive something particular in the post, that is not a bill or a piece of junk mail!

E book of artwork or collection of postcards

You could arrive jointly as a team and produce a guide of artwork or selection of postcards – as perfectly as currently being a nice piece it could assist cross promote you. This would operate well if you were heading to go to an celebration in which you could hand them out

Collaborate on artwork worries you established yourselves

You could collaborate by setting every other art challenges. This is how we commenced operating together and what bought me drawing once more. You can pick out a challenge that satisfies you both of those even if you approach it diverse ways.

Doing work with a mate aids maintain you accountable

Do an present art challenge jointly

You could do the exact organised artwork problem with a pal. That way you can cheer every single other on and compare notes!

Joint art exhibition or celebration

A different way of collaborating is to do a joint exhibition or celebration. Sandra did a joint exhibition a pair of yrs ago, with her good friend Kerry, who’s also an artist and it actually does make it fewer nerve-wracking, for the reason that you have every single other there for ethical assistance. Also, you have a person else to aid with all of the organising, which can be pretty a headache on your individual.

Tara has organised a collaboration event for NFTS. It delivers collectively 30 artists to do 30 collaborations in 30 times. We have to warn you while this is pretty an undertaking to convey 30 people today with each other, Tara was feeling very stressed at periods. So you could possibly want to start out compact and then construct up to greater collaborations

Collaborate on teaching artwork

You could collaborate on instructing artwork. Is there a thing that you and a close friend would love to instruct. Why not train it jointly and deliver two perspectives to the desk

Collaborate on art in different kinds

And as we know, art arrives in loads of diverse sorts. It does not have to be all about visual artwork. You can collaborate on a piece of music, a poem, or perhaps a story, like Tara and I did.

Or perhaps a person can produce the ebook and the other could illustrate. Just do not question me to illustrate it normally you are going to still be ready three several years later on!

In truth it could be any variety of innovative endeavour combined alongside one another. I have a short while ago noticed some digital artists collaborating with musicians to generate animated artwork with new music

Issues to take into consideration when collaborating

Just one last matter and it is an essential thing to consider… If you are wondering of embarking on a significant collab, then make sure you are confident that you are a fantastic match. Remember, you will each require to be reliable and on the exact same website page, in any other case you might discover that you will possibly let down the other human being or they will permit you down.

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If you could feature in a famous painting, which would it be, and why?

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