October 3, 2022


A nice shiny new Art

First artist team for Enmarket Arena Water Works mural talk public art


A canal of winding blue h2o carries a smaller boat as a result of a collection of vibrant doorways and a beach front maze that prospects to a cluster of cobblestones in the new H2o Works Mural just outside of the not too long ago-opened Enmarket Arena.

Xavier “Zay” Hutchins, Nae’Keisha Jones, Alfredo Martinez and Brian MacGregor are the crew of artists powering this creation, including yet another piece of general public artwork to their arsenal of beloved performs that adorn the walls, fences and corporations of Savannah. 

Now with each other, they’ve established the 1st element of what will become the most significant asphalt mural in Chatham County and a person of the biggest asphalt murals in Ga. 

Teamwork will make the dream work

Immediately after the Metropolis of Savannah announced that it was accepting proposals for the challenge in August 2021, it was a mad scramble of artists reaching out to a person a further to see who was offered and fascinated in forming a team. “It was like a instructor offering out a team project and you attempt to snatch up who you want to do the job it,” Jones said. 

Xavier Hutchins (left), Alfredo Martinez, Nae'Keisha Jones and Brian MacGregor at the site of the Water Works asphalt mural.

Jones admitted she was a little anxious, but fired up and self-assured in the proposal due to their mural experience. When the MPC Historic Web-sites and Monuments Fee reviewed their layout, they had extremely few notes for the new team they liked it. 

The concept for the murals is pathways which the team regarded as a broad interpretation. But the situations of the project led them to incorporate the simple fact that this was a collaborative mural.

“Because we are a group of various individuals, relatively than just a solitary artist with a solitary vision, the matter of our mural is unique paths coming alongside one another, and distinctive views coming jointly. And I believe that works,” Martinez said.

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The mural started with a compilation of concepts in their Zoom conferences which turned into a literal interpretation of pathways. It is sectioned into 4 various areas with a canal, doors, a maze and cobblestones at the stop.

Overhead drone image of the Water Works asphalt mural.

The maze also functions as a video game of hopscotch to make the mural much more interactive and enjoyable for more youthful youngsters, a final decision that was encouraged by a enjoyment pay a visit to from Savannah Mayor Van Johnson. “We had around talked about hopscotch, but we hadn’t solidified it. He’s like, ‘Oh, this, this would be perfect for hopscotch there.’ And he begins even performing it out on the mural he turns into an 8-year-old right in entrance of us,” MacGregor shared.


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