Gabrielle Union Gets Candid About the Last Few Months and How She Relived ‘Trauma for Art’s Sake’ and It ‘Took a Massive Toll’ on Her


Gabrielle Union is back with another one of her transparent analogy posts. The actress uploaded a video of her daughter Kaavia struggling to ride a bike with Gabirelle in the back coaching her through it. 


In the video, she created an analogy labeling Kaavia as “me” and labeling herself as, “my therapist.” 

Though Kaavia wrestled with pedaling her bike, Gabrielle encouraged her saying, “Go! Forward! Look up!” Her words resonated with Kaavia, and the 3-year-old looked up as she continued to pedal. 

The video’s analogy was based on how Gabrielle has been feeling emotionally, mentally, and physically. Her caption transparently expressed how hard the past couple of months have been for her. 

She wrote, “These last few months working have been one long ass trigger for me. Reliving trauma for art sake takes a massive toll, but it’s the expectation of being all things to all people simultaneously is what brings me to my knees.”

The actress applauded those who also, “Struggle to keep pedaling every day when the waves of anguish wash over us. Cheers to staying on the bike, training wheels and all. Love and light good people. We are stronger together.” 

Gabrielle was met with heartwarming messages underneath her post from fans who sent over words of support and reassurance. 

“I was there and it’s not easy to climb out but here we are – reclaiming our power. Kudos to you for showing up for yourself.” 

“Hang on my sister you got this time and prayer heals all and brings us back to our path [red heart].”

“Cheers to all the healers who carry our lights when we are not able to.” 

Gabrielle Union is an advocate for mental health and isn’t afraid of talking candidly about her struggles. The TV star revealed years back that she was diagnosed with perimenopause. 

In 2021, the “Breaking In” star had a conversation with Gwyneth Paltrow at the Goop Health virtual summit, where she described how her symptoms of perimenopause caused her to begin having suicidal ideations in 2020. 

E! News wrote, “One newer challenge the star faced in recent years is perimenopause, which marks the end of a woman’s reproductive years as she transitions into menopause, and can cause a wide range of symptoms associated with hormonal disruption.”

“Gabrielle, who is [then] 48, was first diagnosed in her 30s, but said that the ‘symptoms reached a fever pitch’ just this past September.” 

The magazine continued and shared Gabrielle’s words as she said to Gwyneth, “I fell into something so dark in December that it scared me.”

The “LA’s Finest” actress explained how she and husband, retired basketball player Dwyane Wade, had a “stupid fight.” She continued, “Instead of my usual problem-solving… immediately my brain, that little inner voice said, ‘He’s never going to get it unless you’re dead.’”

Gabrielle discussed that she met with her therapist and fortunately, was able to prosper through those dark anxieties. 

She said, “Separating the symptoms from who you really are.. To say it’s a challenge, I don’t think I really have the words, or I lost them…” 

Gabrielle continues to be an advocate for mental health, and her recent video inspired over 15,000 people around the world. 


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