How Safe It Is To Buy Art From An Offshore Internet Shop?


Safety is a big concern when purchasing anything over the Internet. Everyone gets a bit Jittery when they have to disclose their credit card Information over the Internet. The biggest concern is “IS IT SAFE?” well the answer is a yes and a no.

Yes if you do it right and know what you are doing. No if you are have absolutely no idea as to who are where you are disclosing your details of credit card to.

Let me present this short run down of points to remember when doing a purchase online, be it an offshore internet shop or any other site that offers a shopping cart.

1. Verify the nature of the product being sold. Check to see if has any legal hassles. If it has then you have to say a big No to it.

2. Now the next step is to see if the shopping cart itself is safe. A layman like me can scream and say now “how the hell am I supposed to know that.” – Do not fret its very simple. Look for these essential Points:

a. Is the transaction done over a secure connection? It is called an SSL, Secure Socket layer. This is offered by agencies such as 2checkout, 2CO, Escrow, paypal. If you can see any of these then take it for granted they are safe as millions do business over them and so far everyone is happy.

b. To recognize a secure connection look for https:// in front of the web address rater than a plain http:// ‘S’ Obviously stands for secure.

c. There is also a warning that you are being redirected to a secure connection by your browser (if you have not disabled it). This would further reiterate a safe transaction.

3. Now that the purchase is made. I would be terribly worried if what I bought is going to reach me in a shipshape condition. To make sure it does there is also another plan. Each product purchase always has to specify the way it is shipped and the costs involved.

4. UPS and FEDEX being our trusted ways of goods delivery it is always advisable not to compromise in the delivery service. In our case an Oil Painting is packed with utmost care in a strong tube container and is home delivered.

5. Any purchase is not a good one unless it has a good and reasonable refund policy. Always check to see if you are unhappy about a purchase if you could get a full refund. Most sites would want you to bear the return shipping cost and for the product to be undamaged on return, this I feel is a fair deal.

Equipped with this short yet fail safe list of Information I am sure you can make an informed decision and feel safe buying an oil painting from an offshore dealer at economical prices.

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