Last year’s boat party redefined freerunning contests, so the sport’s longest-running event is taking things to the next level this time around with a multiple-day format and a new venue that’s literally an entire island – the stunning Astypalea in the Dodecanese.

While full details of the new venue and contest format will be revealed very soon, what we can tell you right now is that the finals will take place over three days of competition, with three different challenges to complete all over Astypalea for the 16 competitors. Red Bull Art of Motion 2022 is reimagining what freerunning contests look like and we’re already excited about it.

Get inspired by Red Bull Art of Motion’s new venue, Astypalea, in the gallery below:

What you really need to know right now however is that you can be one of those Red Bull Art of Motion finalists. From today the Online Qualifiers are open. All freerunners who think they have what it takes get a chance to win one of two golden tickets and become one of the 16 finalists.

To have the chance of being crowned Red Bull Art of Motion champion, athletes simply need to upload their best freerunning video to YouTube or Vimeo and submit it via the form at RedBullArtofMotion.com before Tuesday, May 10.

Red Bull Art of Motion 2022 is taking on the island of Astypalea

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  • Create a video that showcases your best freerunning action that’s no longer than 60 seconds.

  • Only the athlete should be visible and performing in the video, and the face of the participant must be visible throughout.

  • All scenes must to be filmed outdoors, not in a gym or any other controlled environment.

  • No mats are allowed and all landings must be visible in the video.

  • All videos must be uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo and submitted here before 23:59 EEST/ 02:59 UTC on Tuesday, May 10 to be in with a chance of getting selected.

How will the Online Qualifiers be judged?

If you’ve already got ideas for a video buzzing around your head, you’ll want to know how the winning entries are going to be chosen.

An expert judging panel will review all of the entries and they have a very clear set of criteria they’ll be looking for from athletes. You don’t need to worry if you’re not an editing master, either – the editing of the videos won’t judged, the panel are only interested in your freerunning moves.

Judges will be looking at the following criteria in the videos, so make sure you cover all the bases in your entries:

  • Creativity: use your body and your surroundings in a creative way.

  • Difficulty: make the moves that stand out and make the judges jaws drop.

  • Flow: combinations, nicely planned lines and continuous movement.

  • Execution: show that you have control of your movements. Safe and clean landings are very important to the judges.

  • Overall Performance: make sure that all the above provide a great overall spectacle.

Where do I upload my video entry?

Krystian Kowalewski knows how to turn a qualifying video into a title run

© Little Shao/Red Bull Content Pool

So, now you’ve got all the info on how to enter, let this nugget of wisdom from 2021 champion Krystian Kowalewski sink in before you rush out to film your clip: “For anyone submitting to the Online Qualifiers, it’s important to think about all the criteria, not just flow and not just hard tricks. All of them are important.”


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