So people believe you can predict a major weather events on our Earth by using astrology. In some cases this may be true because certain parts of the year the stars will be in a certain spots and certain times of the year we know in fact contain certain types of whether and certain types of major category storms such as; hurricanes, cyclones, typhoons, waterspouts, gale force winds, tornadoes and micro-bursts.

We know simply from watching the Weather Channel and the NOAA satellite pictures that adverse weather such as a thunder and lightning storm do occur during certain types of the year and the storms would be in a certain place during those certain times of the year. However, if the weather is significantly cloudy or overcast you would not be able to see the stars. Therefore it might be very difficult to predict the weather for looking at the stars.

However with astrology if you know that date, then you know where the stars are and you still perhaps can predict the weather or the average type of whether that you should expect during that time of the year and a particular location where you are.

Hurricane prediction by astrology may not be perfect, but indeed it could be close and close would be good for islanders, tribes and those preparing themselves for potentially violent storms on a Caribbean Island or along the coastline in the Gulf of Mexico. In any case this is something you should consider in 2006.

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