“I Don’t Wanna Be, I Am.” Currently on view at…


At the moment on check out at Corey Helford Gallery in Los Angeles, California is the team exhibition, “I Really don’t Wanna Be, I Am,” curated by Ink and Motion.

“I Really do not Wanna Be, I Am” is a collective and itinerant exhibition that brings together the perform of unique artists less than one roof. Creators who, despite their distinct backgrounds and uniquely person perform, share an encompassing resourceful eyesight. The exhibition explores the notion of identity in just the context of the international art planet and is born from the necessity to strategy new codes, new areas, and new conversation strategies inside the universe of modern day creation without hesitation. The result is an exhibition that is open up to several interpretations and for all audiences, providing the possibility to ponder individual and collective creative identities. The show also has a social aim: a percentage of the profits obtained in this exhibition will be used to fund the routines of Coloring the World Basis, whose mission is to encourage a various and inclusive culture through artwork and color. I Never Wanna Be, I Am debuted in Hamburg, Germany (Sept. ‘21), adopted by Miami, Florida (Dec. ’21) and Lisbon, Portugal (Mar. ’22). Following exhibiting at CHG, the tour heads to Dubai, UAE this Oct.


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