ILLicit Creatives Claiming Space in Queens. NY


Queens is key stomping ground. It has been for generations – from the Prolonged Island Railroad in Jamiaca. to Roosevelt Avenue in Jackson Heights. At the flip of the century, Queen’s 7-line prepare, rooftops, tunnels, and streets were being infamous for their graffiti. From 74th avenue and Roosevelt Avenue all the way up to Flushing Main Avenue, graffiti was rampant. But then with elected officers like Mayor Rudy Giuliani and District Lawyer Peter Vallone, it became scarce. These politicians, along with prosecutors and judges, arrived down closely on graffiti writers. Decades went by with very small action on the 7 line. Then arrived the pandemic.

Although most New Yorkers secluded them selves indoors throughout the early months of the pandemic, an impassioned minority ventured outside to make their mark on the city’s freshly abandoned streets, storefronts and partitions.  An whole new technology of ILLicit creatives with an irrepressible urge to “get up” was born. In an ongoing new series, Road Art NYC will spotlight them, even though also having to pay homage to veteran writers who are “pushing it ahead.” This to start with in our sequence — spanning all 5 boroughs — focuses on the markings in Queens. The graphic above attributes Authentic. Numerous additional pics not too long ago captured in Queens follow:


Boni and Kitty


Angr and Tav

Faes and Sic


Post and pictures by the Pushing It Forward Collective


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