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A KALTBLUT exclusive. Pictures by Thomas Camarero. The product is Theo Comelli signed at Bananas Styles. Manner movie directed by Alba Camarero. Styling by Charlie Daudré-Vignier employing Carbone 14, Gregory Assad, Hermès, Burberry Vintage, Yves Saint Laurent, Vivetta, Calvin Klein, Hellene Helene, Gucci.

Thomas Camarero is a young Spanish photographer based in Paris. His most important goal is to query gender and social inequalities by his do the job in the trend field.

https://www.youtube.com/look at?v=TX1wZWmZ3UM

This editorial is about opulence and obsession with the picture that we want to give to others in the context of a consumerist and hierarchical modern society. Often we are prisoners of a system in which accomplishment is blended with product merchandise/belongings. Socially, a particular person who strives to generate cash and are living luxuriously is extra rewarded than a human being who invests the very same effort and hard work in non-financially rewarding functions such as mental wellness or emotional nicely-remaining. I’m not that prosperous usually takes to the intense the cliché of a subject who obsessively invests his time and dollars in his very own graphic to perform a type of luxurious far from the reality of his every day lifestyle and that is out of his reach.

Photographer and artistic route: Thomas Camarero / Instagram: @thom_and_folks
Production and Movie Director: Alba Camarero / Instagram: @alba_folka
DOP: Heol Denieul / Instagram: @heol_denieul
Electrician: Maëlle Le Saux / Instagram : @maelle.lsx
Design is Theo Comelli signed at Bananas Styles / Instagram: @theophile.cmli / @bananasmodels
Stylist: Charlie Daudré-Vignier / Instagram: @carbone14_upcycling
Stylist Assistant: Simon Liber / Instagram : @smnlbr
Tunes: dizz.117 / Instagram : @dizz.117
Exclusive thanks to RVZ Place/ @rvzparis / Valentina Salgado / @valesalgadoc, and Bananas Products / @bananasmodels

Fashion Manufacturers utilized are Carbone 14, Gregory Assad, Hermès, Burberry Classic, Yves Saint Laurent, Vivetta, Calvin klein, Hellene Helene, Gucci

Instagram names of just about every brand name: @carbone14_upcycling, @gregoryassadofficial, @hermes, @burberry, @vivetta, @calvinklein, @hellene_helene, @gucci


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