September 28, 2022


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Is there freedom in art? – Veronica Winters Painting

Is there freedom in art? – Veronica Winters Painting


Is there independence in art?

I don’t paint what I’m advised to paint. There’re a pair of reasons that you might or may perhaps not fully grasp correct now dependent on your art career timeline or a variance in career.

Artwork is about getting full freedom to specific on your own. Have you discovered that commissions hardly ever search as gorgeous, free of charge or achieved? Which is simply because of the mental strain artist feels to generate a little something to you should someone. At times it turns into a psychological block. In some cases there is no creativeness remaining in purchased art. Sometimes folks who commission artwork boss the artist. A lot. The final result is neither lovely nor what men and women wanted…Art is the opposite of repetitive, mechanical get the job done. Art is not graphic style and design function either.
Portray what the artist desires, feels, thinks and wants is the most imaginative, gorgeous and psychological perform.
Some paintings may well not discuss to you, though some others might carry you to tears or enable you really feel influenced. That is the essence of artwork. We like distinctive things and which is all right! 

My art has modified a large amount in excess of the years as I have transformed quite a whole lot inside. Artwork is a personal working experience and self-expression. Declaring that, I do recognize all of you that have adopted and collected my artwork more than the yrs. It is crucial for me to see that my art resonates with you.  I hope you are going to proceed adhering to my journey.

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