Jennybird Alcantara’s “Minding the Beasts While…


At this time on see at KP Jobs in Los Angeles, California is artist Jennybird Alcantara’s solo exhibition, “Minding the Beasts even though Sprucing Pearls.”

Jennybird says of the exhibition, “This new human body of paintings was born in a however minute in time, a single where by the total earth slowed down. Wherever my property, that we connect with “The Birdsnest,” and the garden close to it turned my complete entire world for a time.  

Character always informs my artwork, and I was blessed ample to enjoy that nature just outdoors my doorway, in the backyard of gorgeous trees, plants and flowers shared with squirrels and crows, tune birds, bees and butterflies. At some place through this inventive journey I come to feel like I packed up some of those outside the house inspirations and dragged them into “The Birdsnest” with me and a dialog in between inside and exterior commenced.

I like to line my inside “nest” with curiosities and talismans, symbols, pictures, patterns and handmade objects. Getting a whole lot of visual details inspires me. I like to established up tableaux between objects inside, so new interactions and meanings can unfold in advance of my eyes.

The evolution of “Minding the Beasts while Sprucing Pearls” transpired in just the backdrop of my interior earth when the exterior backyard the place my creatures usually stay inserted by itself, and a marriage of the two was shaped.”




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