Juxtapoz Magazine – Broccoli Women on the Edge of Precipice in Hein Koh’s New Solo Show


“I recognized that she is an ‘other,’ getting inexperienced and distinctive,” Hein Koh advised us in our present-day Spring 2022 quarterly. “As an Asian-American female artist weirdo, I am so employed to being a minority that I will not feel much too considerably about it on a daily basis.  Having said that, the way I navigate the globe is special to my identification, and that comes by way of my vegetal girls far too. They are relatable, though—I do not want them to enchantment just to a modest specialized niche audience, I want their encounters to be collective and common.”

The Broccoli character is the star of the display, basically, at Anton Kern in Koh’s latest solo show, On the Edge of Precipice. As the gallery notes, “At times signing up for the Broccoli lady in this overall body of perform is a new character, The Shadow. It functions in multiple ways: as both equally a associate for her to interact with in the Jungian feeling of one’s very own shadow (and dealing with it) and as a metaphor for the strategy of growing older and starting to be a shadow of one’s previous self. The darker nature of the operate is grounded, on the other hand, in a elementary optimism. The Broccoli female accepts, even embraces, her shadow. Likewise, Koh is unafraid to convey the panic and uncertainty of center age, the disillusionment that can appear with all that goes on in the planet right now, and the existential concerns that arise as a end result. The Broccoli female is on the edge of a precipice, but there looks to be a little something new and enjoyable outside of it.”


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