KeyInside and NONUNI RAIDERS Enjoyment companion to officially launch ‘ARTNETIC’, the NFT artwork-specialized label

– The artist collective of NFT is opening

– New digital art development produced by means of the coinage of “Art” + “Magnetic:” Signifies a group for the artists

– Will assist and control its group of artists, ARTNETIC CREW… Supporting numerous locations from NFT creation to curation, exhibition, advertising, and market place distribution

– Will support new varieties of function productions with sophisticated technologies, beyond simply just changing art into NFT

– Notice drawn as globe-renowned artists Charles Jang, Koh Sang Woo and Lee Sea Hyun joined the early artist crew

SEOUL, South Korea, Sept. 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — KeyInside Co., Ltd. (CEO Jayden Jo), a firm that specializes in blockchains which produced the benefits factors integration platform ‘MiL.k,’ introduced their partnership with the entertainment organization ‘NONUNI RAIDERS Entertainment’ (CEO Kim Hyeong Seok) to officially start the NFT art-specializing label ‘ARTNETIC’ on Sep 10, 2021, to assistance artists who would like to interact in NFT art productions, alongside their recruitment for artists.

ARTNETIC, the NFT art-specialized label by KeyInside and NONUNI RAIDERS Entertainment

ARTNETIC, the NFT art-specialized label by KeyInside and NONUNI RAIDERS Entertainment

ARTNETIC is a word blended from ‘ART’ and ‘MAGNETIC’, which encapsulates the that means of a new digital art craze produced by combining the artwork of a variety of genres and is a community made to gather creators and assist them trade information and have interaction in NFT artwork productions.

KeyInside Co., Ltd. and NONUNI RAIDERS Enjoyment (hereinafter referred to as NONUNI RAIDERS) plan to use ARTNETIC to assistance artists from various fields who desire to engage in NFT art productions but are struggling due to dispersed info and the substantial technological barrier and are therefore setting up to accelerate the era of the “Creator Economy.”

KeyInside Co., Ltd. will take care of ARTNETIC’s service setting up, service progress, functions, assistance progression and partnerships with other businesses like NFT marketplaces. NONUNI RAIDERS will recruit, explore, and manage distinguished artists, in addition to curating operates with artists and preparing the contents.

The ARTNETIC running team consists of various industry experts from a variety of fields these kinds of as art, new music, technological innovation, and graphics and are therefore drawing anticipation to supply high-quality direction to well known Korean and worldwide artists as nicely as youthful and talented artists who would like to engage in NFT art productions.

In individual, ARTNETIC does not just turn an present artwork into NFT. It utilizes its very own superior know-how these as blockchain and visible specific results (VFX) to guidance the manufacturing of new forms of imaginative perform further than the present framework, which contains productions that mix music and art or motion-design and style graphic productions. ARTNETIC options to utilize such know-how to introduce novel and diverse contents which differentiate their will work from the existing NFT productions in the sector.

After the generation is finish, ARTNETIC will even more actively support NFT marketplace registration, product sales guidance, exhibition as nicely as promotion. In addition, ARTNETIC will also deliver integrated management expert services for its artists by techniques these kinds of as SNS channels to give a space for seamless conversation among artists and admirers and to establish interactive interactions.

Furthermore, ARTNETIC integrated guidelines to give differentiated help for the rising artists with talents. Alternatively than hosting a one particular-time event, these kinds of as holding an audition or supplying a prize by way of a contest which has been customary in the industry, ARTNETIC strategies to uncover new artists and present significant support in different methods which includes sponsorships for the new artists to increase and make sequel will work.

The lineup of famous Korean artists who joined the ARTNETIC crew as the early members is also drawing attention. The lineup features of an extravagant standing, with the pop artist Charles Chang who is famed for the ‘Robot Series’ and ‘Happy Heart’, artist Koh Sang Woo who presented ‘Boundaries of Senses’ which is also owned by the pop star Madonna and the artwork that elicited sympathy amongst endangered animals and humans, and artist Lee Sea Hyun, who is acknowledged as a result of the sequence ‘Between Purple,’ which mixed the standard Japanese issue of view with the Western viewpoint working with the shade pink.

Charles Jang, Koh Sang Woo and Lee Sea Hyun not long ago offered their NFT artworks by ‘Klip Drops’ which is Korea’s representative NFT work distribution platform operated by Floor X, a subsidiary of Kakao that specializes in blockchains. Some of the productions have acquired explosive consideration, with all the organized portions becoming bought inside a quick span of time from the second they had been offered for purchase. This label even further ideas to support its artists to showcase their is effective in various NFT marketplaces in Korea and overseas, which includes Klip Drops.

Alongside its formal start, ARTNETIC also unveiled its website ( Interview videos of Charles Jang, Koh Sang Woo, and Lee Sea Hyun, as properly as the recruitment for artists can be discovered on the website. The interviews with the three artists reveal the artists’ possess perspectives of their artworks, as properly as their views on the trending phenomenon which combines NFT with artwork and their information to the foreseeable future crews to sign up for ARTNETIC.

Kim Hyeong Seok, the CEO of NONUNI RAIDERS Enjoyment said, “ARTNETIC is a task we produced with KeyInside Co., Ltd. following substantial consideration in order to produce the grounds for emerging artists as nicely the renowned artists to actively create artworks with additional creativeness.” He also included, “We hope for substantially curiosity and support from artists who would like to use NFT to lead a new trend in the world of lifestyle and art.”

Jayden Jo, the CEO of KeyInside Co., Ltd. mentioned, “As the desire in metaverse is rising all over the world, exhibitions and trades of NFT productions are also becoming extra active. Nevertheless, the bulk of achieved artists and emerging artists are unable to obtain NFT as the entry limitations are large.” He extra, “We will use ARTNETIC to aid our artists to actively interact in NFT productions and develop an ecosystem for better communication amongst the artists and the fans who take in the productions.”

About KeyInside Co., Ltd.

KeyInside is the blockchain developer of the MiL.k task, Korea’s consultant rewards factors integration system with enormous companions like Yanolja, Shinsegae DF, and Megabox. To develop its business to NFT and metaverse, KeyInside has invested in NONUNI RAIDERS and made a strategic partnership with it. Other than NONUNI RAIDERS, KeyInside has made a strategic partnership with GroundX, the blockchain subsidiary of Korea’s premier cellular platfom Kakao. GroundX has invested in KeyInside along with the partnership.


NONUNI RAIDERS is operate by Korea’s consultant audio composer/producer Hyeongseok Kim and is integrated to supply different IP-dependent companies in tunes, art, fashion, etcetera. It lately showcased its cyber band on the metaverse as a begin. A lot more precisely, above 200 artists whose specialties range from good artwork and electronic artwork to media artwork and webtoon have joined the firm”s eyesight for producing new electronic contents.



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