Laverinne’s “Secret Memories.” Currently on view…


Now on perspective at Haven Gallery in Northport, New York is artist Laverinne’s solo exhibition, “Secret Reminiscences.”

Laverinne paints classy and serene watercolor will work with inspiration stemming from mythology, Japanese Manga, artwork historical past and character. Each piece gives a whimsical female topic sharing an intimate connection with her animal companions. These delicate subjects merge with their animal counterparts with a vibrant unification of colour. Not only do the topics connect with animals, but also with various flora, fauna, and magical objects painted in corresponding shades. An admirer can quickly observe a uniform aim of coloration in each piece. This aids in the thought that all creatures in the get the job done are related in a significant way. Each matter is adorned in grandeur fashions, together with in-depth headdresses, all flowing effortlessly all over the composition.

Laverinne explains, “For the idea, I drew every single portray as owning an product, or a location, that can have magic formula memories in it. A castle, that can have a lot of reminiscences when a person helps make an important choice inside of. A clock that can clearly show a time of a instant that you will never overlook. A important that keeps your box of recollections. A lake in which reminiscences had been hiding at the bottom. A moon where by the wolves howl brings again all memories into everyday living. And recollections of someone that you cherished when you had been a black gown, and memories of the vow that you say in your white dress. Finally, a memory of the braveness that is shipped inside of of a flower.”


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