Learn How to Win a Street Fight Easily!


If you ever find yourself in a self defense scenario, there are 4 things you can do. You can’t do better than these when if you want to learn how to win a street fight.

Do you know what the difference is between street fighting and self defense? In self defense you is a method of performing a move that will allow you to get away from danger. Street fighting is a method of performing moves in a way to immobilize the bad guy.

Learn how to win a street fight #1 – If you are attacked by a person brandishing a weapon, do what he/she says. It would be senseless to try to disarm him/her when you can simply give him/her the $20 you have in your pocket. What would be the point of fighting a guy with a knife and taking the chance of getting stabbed?

Learn how to win a street fight #2 – The fights you watch on television an din movies are not real. I have witnessed a man trying to disarm another man, who had a knife, using a flying sidekick. I, personally, cornered the bad guy when the “flying side kick guy” almost died. He suffered a severe stab to the leg.

Learn how to win a street fight #3 – It isn’t as bad as you might imagine to take and deflect blows. If you never get used to being hit, you will never be able to face and overcome your fear of being hit. You also need to know how and when to give back a series of blows that will cause pain and punishment, as well as, put your attacker on the ground.

Learn how to win a street fight #4 – Remember, even though mixed martial arts tournaments like the UFC have rules, on the streets there are no fighting rules. In other words, if you think you can avoid any further pain and/or torture by kicking your attacker in the groin and ripping his eyes out, then by all means do it!

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