Limburg Biennale #2: from 28.06 until 14.08 2022


About the Limburg Biennale

This year, Marres will organize the second edition of the Limburg Biennale: a group exhibition that brings together all kinds of artists, professionals, amateurs, and hobbyists in a festive celebration of the arts. With the Limburg Biennale, Marres follows the tradition of the annual Summer Exhibition of the Royal Academy in London. The first edition, which took place in 2020, was a great success, with over 250 artworks by more than 150 artists.

Open Call

Marres invites everyone in Limburg and its surroundings to participate in the Limburg Biennale. During an open call that took place from 2 to 18 March, artists could submit a maximum of three works. Afterward, a jury of 11 professional artists will select artworks for the exhibition. They will also set up a room in Marres with their selection and show their work.

Limburg Biennale #2

Limburg Biennale
Photo Credit: Gert Jan Van Rooij

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About Marres

From the historical house in the center of Maastricht, Marres explores contemporary art in the broadest possible sense. The museum was founded in 1998. It takes its name from the brewers’ family, Marres, that lived in the house in the twentieth century.
Marres develops exhibitions, organizes workshops, and issues unique publications. It also creates walks in the city and region to offer a wide range of education and participation activities. Marres’ program focuses on experience, the working of the senses, and the body’s language. In this, Marres collaborates with makers from various disciplines: visual artists, musicians, theater makers, dancers, scientists, perfumers, and cooks.
With an internationally oriented program for artists and the public, Marres bridges the worlds of contemporary art and everyday experience in its intimate house. In the same building next to the museum is the Mediterranean restaurant Marres Kitchen and behind the house, you find a lush public city garden.

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