“Lost In A Spectacle.” Currently on view at WOAW…


At present on view at WOAW Gallery in Beijing until June 24th, 2022 is “Lost in a Spectacle” curated by Saša Bogojev.

Pointing at unique tones of the relationship between human nature and mother nature at substantial, the exhibition was conceived by the writer and curator Saša Bogojev and is comprising paintings and sculptures by Laurent Proux, ZacharyOchoa, Gabriel Cortese, Horacio Quiroz, Charles Shedden aka OWVBICS, Jade Thacker, Emilie Stark-Menneg, Josh Jefferson, and Kiko Miyares.

“The spectacle of Nature is generally new, for she is always renewing the spectators. Lifestyle is her most beautiful invention and dying is her professional contrivance to get a good deal of lifetime.” —Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

Commencing with the term that is been standing for nature’s grandeur and brilliance for hundreds of years, “Lost in a Spectacle” is also suggesting humanity’s increasing struggle to uncover a harmonious place in its normal habitat. The quite a few levels of this regression are portrayed with several methods by means of which artists are touching the topic of advanced interconnectivity with our inherent environment. These incorporate cheerfully savoring the lush surroundings (Cortese) or even mixing with its factors (Quiroz),feeling baffled and displaced in the wilderness (Proux), repurposing its things as superficial decoration (Shedden, Stark-Menneg), turning irrationally damaging toward it(Ochoa, Miyares), and finally dissolving into its essence, the summary natural varieties(Thacker, Jefferson). Experimenting with the methods and embracing the abundance of visual influences about us, these works are to some extent channeling anything from romanticism’s idealization of mother nature to impressionism’s urge to depict the shifting characteristics of lifestyle, all whilst keeping the awareness targeted on the environmental and human issue concerns.

Conveyed through distinctive kinds of painting, technical methods, and even mediums, the complete presentation is imbued with an atmosphere of pulsating vivacity and relentless growth. Progress, which at instances is place to exam by our senseless, self-centered actions, only to instantaneously remind us that we’re almost nothing but speckles in its greatness. Battling to make the best out of a blink of an eternity which we acknowledge as a life span, in a figurative and literal way we are additional and far more evidently shed in a spectacle of nature.




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