There are so many ways to get your music heard today. The easiest way is by posting a music video on YouTube and hoping it will get some attention by more than enough You Tuber’s watching and listening on their favorite channel. More than enough recording artist have become famous due to their exposure on the second largest such engine. Although, mainstream radio is still the most popular way that gets the most attention, there are new players in the game of broadcasting. With today’s technologies and the advancement with the use of the internet; the broadcast field is being balanced out. There are variety of ways to marketing and promoting to consumers; giving music lovers more options with listen to new artist who may never end up on commercial radio.

From some of the largest broadcast media giants such as: Cumulus Media, Hubbard Broadcasting, Entercom, IHeartMedia, Summit Media Group, just to name a few, these are the stations that control mainstream radio along their sister stations. Then there are much smaller mom and pop radio stations who may have a portion of listeners’ with limited amounts of wattage power to be transmitted across certain regions in their own communities, which make going viral practically impossible.

There’s a new sheriff in town sort of speak with Independent Radio. They are becoming popular and competitive in the music industry as more and more music lovers are finding new ways of listening to their favorite recording artist. The model and format to a certain degree are about the same with mainstream with the exception of indie radio personalities are faster to play new artist and help launch or re-launch musicians of the past and present helping artist re-establish their careers in the entertainment business.

Even though most Indie stations are all online today, some are only on the air a few hours a day and many are not on around the clock; twenty-four hours a day. One of the advantages with working with independent radio personnel is their down to earth approach with communicating with artist directly. So, the next time you and I get ready to listen to new R&B, soul, neo-soul, some smooth jazz, pop, funk or inspirational music on the go or in the comfort of our homes, let’s remember indie radio stations and let the good times roll. Thanks to today’s technology there are more than enough options to listen to your favorite artist. Mainstream radio is just one of the oldest formats that still exist, but Independent Radio Stations are and will continue to be a driving force in the music industry to help all artist succeed in this shrewd and competitive business.

The goal of every recording artist or new record label should be to become a household name in their particular genre, and to use as many media resources as possible to make their popularity known among active fans around the world.

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