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Born in South Africa in 1979, Matthew Willman still lives there while traveling worldwide for his photography. “My work reflects an innate desire to understand how we relate to the real and imaginary worlds we inhabit, especially the role body language plays in expressing emotions and telling stories.” What he wrote in his bio is what we catch by looking at his work.

The human being inspires Matthew profoundly in all its shapes and conditions. Exploring body language compels him to travel the world, working to date in 48 countries, photographing people and places and communities to deepen issues like who we are and how we shape ourselves.

Following is an exclusive interview with Matthew Willman for Hue&Eye.

Hello Matthew. When or how have you understood you wanted to become an artist?

I have been into art since I was 12 years old. I grew out of being a ballet dancer into photography. Both disciplines have the human-being and their body language in common indeed.

Matthew Willman

And how would you like people to engage with your art?

My main interest is to explore the human condition in all its forms. So I’d say that I want to see the human story and reactions my creations may generate. 

Can you briefly say something about your creative technique and tell us what drives you to make art?

Photography is how I communicate, how I touch and feel others. I use the image to share stories of who we are and what we shape ourselves to be.

Matthew WillmanMatthew Willman

Matthew WillmanWhich artist primarily inspires your work? And is there something else, outside visual arts, that keeps you motivated?

Herb Ritts, Ruven Afanador, Patrick Demarchelier to name a few. Outside of photography, dance and history encourage depth and motivate my research.

As a digital artist, do you feel you’ve been waiting for something like NFTs for a long time?

YES, no question about it. It’s the first time I can make my work eventually unique, one of one. It’s my ultimate goal.

Matthew WillmanAnd how do you see the NFT world will benefit your professional career?

The NFT Art marketplaces are the first platforms where I can combine a powerful narrative with creativity and iconic or historical images. 

Spread the word! Do you have anything exciting on the horizon or something special you wish to share?

I am currently launching The Willman Collection of 1/1 NFTs and stories, from Barack Obama to Nelson Mandela, Ballet to nudes.


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