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If artwork is an escape from fact, Mr.Werewolf’s paintings are the gateway. Move into his imaginative worlds, and you’ll obtain menacing mechs roaming around the idyllic countryside, blood-hungry werewolves prowling the winter season evenings, and reimagined people tales, as charming as they are eerie.

In this week’s On The Spot, we arise into the mysterious with Mr.Werewolf himself as our guideline. 

Have you regarded since an early age that you want to turn out to be an artist?

I was born in western Poland and grew up in rural places, in a little village surrounded by forests and lakes. Ever considering that I bear in mind, I’ve liked to draw and paint and handled it as my escape from working with reality. The exact goes to fantasy and science fiction which have normally been my passions. Which is why to me it felt only natural to pick inventive research.

But even while I have a high-quality artwork qualifications and schooling, I’d nevertheless simply call myself a self-taught artist. It is the textbooks I study, motion pictures I watch, and aged masters’ paintings I analyze that assist me form my creative eyesight. This is a course of action that can take a life time and I could not truly pinpoint one precise second in my everyday living that has impacted me the most. 

What did your career route search like?

I began out as a graphic designer in promotion agencies and later on on switched to freelance perform, developing jewellery and watches. Back again when I started off my experienced job, the world seemed entirely unique, in particular the gaming industry.

I used lots of years working in direction of achieving creative independence. It wasn’t an simple route, but I lastly managed to achieve that stage in 2014. Because then, I’ve been ready to focus solely on my personal initiatives, entirely immersing myself in the worlds I produced. 

1920 – Sheperd
1920 – Hussar

Where do you reside and what does your studio glimpse like?

I reside in Poland, in the Western Carpathians, significant in the mountains, surrounded by forests and wild nature. This spot is pretty inspiring for me and has a large influence on my perform.

As for my studio, it’s a reasonably standard artwork studio. I have two easels, but I confess that I have not employed them for a prolonged time. These days I typically do electronic painting on my tablet, just simply because it gives me much more creative independence and more area for improvisation and experiments. To me, this feels a lot more enjoyable than standard painting, the place you have to plan the total composition definitely thoroughly and don’t have a lot place for alterations throughout the course of action. 

Your creative nickname is Mr. Werewolf. Why exactly did you select this legendary creature?

Nicely, it is since I’m impacted by the curse of lycanthropy! Werewolves have constantly been my favorite creatures. They’re the epitome of wilderness, this brute toughness that is the authentic drive of nature. I see werewolves not as evil monsters but as legendary guardians of the accurate primal order. They exist somewhere amongst the two worlds of people and animals, and I find it deeply interesting and inspiring.

As an impartial artist, what does your usual day glance like?

It depends on whether or not I’m doing the job on some thing or not. I expend most of my days painting and have very little time for other functions. I really do not even remember what my PS5 appears like any more – and I’m a difficult-main gamer! When it will come to the resourceful method, for me the most crucial element is developing stories and picturing visuals and compositions in my head. Once that’s performed, the portray alone is just a formality.

A single of the items that inspire you are myths. Do you have a most loved one?

Certainly, I really like myths. I grew up on Greek mythology and utilized to know it virtually by coronary heart. It stimulated my creativeness a good deal, specially the myth of the Minotaur. But my preferred mythology by much is of study course the Norse mythology. It’s an limitless resource of inspiration.

You are an illustrator and a storyteller. What is the tale guiding your favored artwork by Mr.Werewolf?

I don’t truly have my beloved piece, but I do truly feel a solid sentiment about quite a few of them. Some keep a very own meaning to me, specially these picturing my beloved wife. She’s my irreplaceable muse and a supply of inspiration. 

Lots of of my functions are influenced by day to day daily life and the scenarios I have witnessed. Just take the paintings with cats, for example. Cats are definitely magic animals for me and encourage me a large amount. Just like werewolves, they dwell concerning two worlds, the civilized just one the 1 that’s primal and wild. I frequently think about what adventures our cats have in the course of their journeys, what magical creatures they fulfill. They see so significantly extra than us.

If you could decide on just one amazing location to stay in, what would it be?

Oh, that’s a quite very good and difficult issue. In all probability Middle-earth. As a dwarf, haha!

Deep Blue
Ymaar – the historical protector

Do you have any other hobbies in addition to art?

Of course, I enjoy diving. Also, mountain hiking and enjoying online video video games.

What are your creative ideas for the future?

I really do not seriously like to talk about foreseeable future ideas and desires, as I test to concentrate on below-and-now, my present-day jobs and operate. Everyday living and the planet we reside in are just much too unpredictable, particularly these times. 

I can say that I’m fortunate to have been doing the job only on jobs that are my have and not anyone else’s. I’ve been incredibly passionate about motion pictures from an early age and it is my significant desire to one working day make a movie established in the globe I produced. So considerably, I have been made available a lot of exciting propositions, so hold your fingers crossed!

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