“One Mile” by Artist Ava Margueritte


A selection of images by neurodiverse multidisciplinary artist Ava Margueritte. Primarily focused on photo-based works, Margueritte explores concepts of transience and meaning-making in the ordinary, as well as the external factors and histories that impact us as individuals. “One Mile” is made up of intimate moments, portraits, self-portraits, still life, architecture, and landscapes photographed on medium format film. Margueritte describes the project as a visual poem — one that examines the dynamics between people, mortality, and time:

“At the core of my series is my relationship with my sister, her bond with our father, and how that differed from mine. By approaching real-world problems out of my control, the camera allows space to regain an element of control that I crave. Every photograph I take within this process is an attempt to regain agency. As children, we fantasise that being an adult will be blissful and things will fall into place, but it is not that easy. We are continually navigating envy, loneliness, and trauma, trying to understand how our minds and bodies fit into the world surrounding us. There is no such thing as permanence; things are constantly in motion. External factors impact our lives every day altering our path and how we process the world.”

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