Product Photography: 5 Things You Should Know

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Product photography is an image shot utilized on websites and social media platforms to help your product or service sell. Given the popularity of online shopping, consumers have a wide range of items and brands to choose from in any given category, which means that photographs that demonstrate what you’re offering and why it’s worth buying are essential for any online business. 

According to a study, a rich and accurate product picture boosts a customer’s psychological sense of ownership of that thing. Photography may also help you build your brand by emphasizing who you are and what you stand for. It’s a good idea to start by reading Luminablog for additional information about product photography. This website contains information on online e-commerce stores that use product photography in their marketing and how to create beautiful product photography. We’ll briefly examine five things you should know about product photography in this article.

  1. Photographs are used for a variety of purposes

A product needs several pictures to be used in many places, such as a standard product shot with white background for market display, branded product pictures to be used for your website and other media channels, lifestyle pictures that show how the product is being used, and detail picture that captures the key features of the product. 

2. Pay attention to your lighting

What will enhance or ruin a photograph is lighting, not the camera. If you don’t have a lot of sophisticated equipment, you’ll want to work with daylighting, so choose a location near a large window and photograph during the brightest part of the day. Diffused lighting is the target, and a white foam panel from your local art store may be utilized to bounce light onto your goods to minimize extra-bright areas or super-dark shadows.

3. Maintaining consistency is essential

Make sure the manner you photograph your goods is reasonably consistent to ensure that all of your products are linked with your brand. All of your product images should be taken from the same perspective and distance, and all of your lifestyle shots should have the same tone and color palette. 

Consider what you want to accomplish here, and after you’ve done so, strive to replicate the effect in additional images you take in the future.

4. You don’t need to be an expert to capture professional photos

A sophisticated DSLR camera and an experienced eye will make capturing gorgeous product shots simpler, but with a little attention to detail and some basic equipment, you can still get quite close. 

Utilize the sharpest camera you have (it might be on your phone, which is okay), a tripod to keep things stable, and also use some simple poster board or huge sheets of paper to use as backdrops, and white foam board to diffuse for an amazing shot


You’ll need a few various types of images for each of your products because your photography will most likely serve numerous functions. With some minimal equipment, such as a tripod, a good smartphone, and some simple paper backdrops and props, you can make stunning product shots on your own.