Rachel Strum’s “Interference.” Opening on July…


Opening on July 23rd, 2022 at Hashimoto Up to date in New York Metropolis is artist Rachel Strum’s solo exhibition, “Interference.”

“Interference” showcases abstract paintings and sculptures that transcend the limits of time and room. With the interaction of materiality as a result of oscillating depths of colour and substrates, organic and geometric varieties commingle inside of flat and luminous layered and glittering surfaces in
this new body of operate. The sorts mesh and collide at the same time using a higher-essential colour palette
in and outside the confines of the photograph aircraft. This putting juxtaposition creates tension and
harmony between the all-natural and synthetic, the acquainted and the unfamiliar.

Outside of dynamic compositions and punchy shade mixtures, there is also a softness from
stretches of velvety-matte surfaces. The is effective truly feel boundless how deep and much again in area do
they increase? Are these cropped snippets from greater expanses? And though educated by more
common formalist and hard-edge abstraction, the do the job extends over and above the two-dimensional
surface area and expands outside of it.

Brightly colored sculptures are displayed alongside the paintings. Making use of sculpture as a instrument to
discover place and time, pigmented resin poured in layers forms an item that emanates a glow
from gentle passing via and reflecting. The layering demands the viewer to go about the
perform to capture the entirety of what is offered to understand.


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