Ryoko Kaneta’s “In Our Nature.” Opening June 25th,…


Opening June 25th, 2022 at Corey Helford Gallery in Los Angeles, California is artist Ryoko Kaneta’s solo exhibition, “In Our Mother nature.”

One of the primary figures of Japan’s up-and-coming generation of artists, Kaneta will be creating her U.S. solo debut with “In Our Character.” The Tokyo-primarily based artist paints in accordance to historical Japanese philosophies, together with the imagined that God dwells in all beings. Her descriptive paintings are embedded in historic cultures however exist as fleeting spectacles of character. The artist applies acrylic paint to canvas and masterfully blends to create an graphic that actively develops and moves with cyclicality. Her artworks counsel a passing of time and celebrate nature’s ephemerality.

Kaneta takes advantage of the female determine to personify things of nature, which include the phenomenon of temperature and spectacular seasonal transformation, the two of which are depicted dreamily in the artist’s landscapes. These sceneries, some of which Kaneta has frequented, have held certain resonance for the artist. They have encouraged her ambition to precisely convey the history and tales of a location. This way of functioning is akin to the attitudes of the Rinpa and Kanō Faculties, approaching painting via scenes of nature portrayed and celebrated in ancient Japanese literature.


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