A recent trip to the local video rental store came up empty as I discovered that their selection was rapidly dwindling. Finding a classic movie was next to impossible. So I took a walk over to our grocery store to use the new movie rental box only to find that it too only had brand new movies. The movie box rental has become so popular that the movies are always out when you want to watch one.

I decided to turn my sights on to my satellite TV subscription and pay per view. The new PPV selections were the same selections that I was going to get at the movie rental place at a lower cost, in high-definition, and I would not have to hop in the car to return the rental. In my search of the latest movies available I stumbled upon satellite TV on Demand.

Satellite TV on demand is an amazing feature of the satellite television subscription. I had found my pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Satellite TV’s on demand service provides almost 3,000 titles available immediately for download. PPV movies are also available for the standard fee with many in high-def. The on demand titles included children’s programming, action flicks, comedies, dramas, science fiction and much more. Here was my virtual movie rental store without the hassle of driving to the store coming back empty handed.

The only thing needed for satellite TV’s on demand service is the DVR and connection to the Internet. The selection of programming available from satellite TV on demand is outstanding. The library of shows available is expansive including concerts, television series, movies, and many sports programs. Searching for on demand content can be done by artist, title, or keyword making it easy to find what you are looking for. The video queue of downloads can be changed manually with your remote control allowing you to prioritize the programs you want to see first.

Satellite TV has done a fantastic job of providing consumers with an excellent variety of channels creating a virtual home theatre and gallery for the whole family. The leading provider offers a total of 95 channels in stunning HD. Combine over 265 channels with the incredible satellite TV on demand feature and I never have to leave the house to find entertainment.

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