Scrapbooking Sticker Art Can Embellish Your Scrapbook


Scrapbooking sticker art is a cost effective way to jazz up your scrapbooking pages. With many embellishments costing several dollars each, you may find that it makes more sense to express your creativity with stickers. Not just any stickers will do, though. Just like the papers you use in your scrapbooks need to be acid free, so do the stickers you use in your memory albums. However, you can easily find these online and in stores where scrapbook supplies are sold.

Many individuals like to make their own scrapbooking sticker art, which can be accomplished by purchasing an inexpensive sticker machine. A word of caution, though. While many of the sticker machines on the market are quite inexpensive, the cartridges the machines use to produce the stickers aren’t. Still, it is a great way to dress up your scrapbook pages with stickers made out of photos, tags, and other items.

Many scrappers who use the sticker machines plan carefully how they will use them in order to save money on cartridges. You can really do a lot with these machines, other than using them to embellish your scrapbook pages. You can print your own labels, CD and DVD covers, and even make your own greeting cards. They can really come in handy when personalizing gifts and creating fabulous invitations and notes.

One of the advantages of using the scrapbooking sticker machines is that many of them accept cartridges that will turn out both permanent stickers and those that you can reposition. You choose which cartridge you want to buy depending on the kind of project you are working on. Just knowing that you can reuse your sticker art adds a distinct dimension to making your own.

You can get a lot of ideas for sticker art online. Scrappers like to exchange ideas with each other and there are many websites devoted to the hobby of scrapbooking. For example, one woman likes to find unique shapes and designs on scraps of wrapping paper and create stickers from the designs. You may find a lot of uses for such a machine once you start to research.

While you are conducting your research, you may find it helpful to read online reviews about the various scrapbooking sticker machines. This can be extremely important as many of the customers who leave reviews will talk about the kind of paper that works the best in these machines and how easy or difficult it is to use them. You may also want to watch an online video or two so that you can see one of these machines in action. You can have a lot of fun making your own stickers for your scrapbooking projects and other crafts.

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