Should Hiphop Emcees Produce Their Own Rap Instrumentals?


Okay, this question came to me earlier today based on a conversation I had with DJ Pocket this weekend. We were having a discussion about doing what you are good at (focusing) versus being able to do several things whether it be producing music, or emceeing, or whatever. For me, here are the facts: I am an Emcee FIRST and a producer second.

I like rocking over other peoples beats. That has never been an issue for me. Sometimes though, I like to hear the musical sounds manifested in real life that are in my head and that is usually when I create my own beats.

I like to produce my own music but the thing is, there are producers like Pocket, Jon Doe, Ejay Jetson, ID 4Windz, Locksmith and a bunch of others that are better producers than me, hands down.

These guys produce hot rap instrumentals like I like to write: daily. Writing is easy for me. Producing music is easy for them. But does that mean that they should not write lyrics or visa versa? I do not think so, why? Because this is still Hiphop. Peace, Unity, Love, and Having Fun.

Now at a minimum, as I told you before, I strive to write everyday. It’s that serious with me. I have been doing good so far. I might not make any instrumentals for days but I know who is making them. I am listening to a DJ Pocket joint right now as a matter of fact. Number #9 in his catalog at

So what do you think? Emcees have always produced. Producers have always emceed. Once again this is Hiphop. Hiphoppas, let us continue to express ourself how we do. Like Russell Simmons says, “Do You”.

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