In this article is the similar graphic at a huge scale in a additional business enterprise-like location. Possibly suited for just one of you golfers, out there? You can get particulars on requirements for all my limited version prints by clicking in this article, and then on the image you are intrigued in, in this situation, “Newport Place Club.” Mouse-above “See complete description and specs,” to read this information and facts. 

As I create this post, moist, amazing air has disappeared. Mid-seventies, obvious and sunny prevails. The day is a wonderful 1, at that. 

Don’t forget, you can customize the print proper on my web site. Make a decision on the product, pick a sizing, decide on a matte, determine its sizing and shade, consider a body, and decide on the hanging hardware you would prefer. This previous week, have for the to start with time bought prints at a compact scale, 6″ x 4″– and will have to say, I never altogether get this sizing. Art prints are inclined to be much more gratifying a more substantial dimensions than this. Must be the ‘Putin Rate Hike,” at do the job, or it’s possible we’ve just come to be the ‘Inflation Country.’ Actually, I have no idea, but thank you or your orders, they are in production, correct now! < grin> 

You are invited to see my freshly posted Honey Bee series in my Photo Gallery, and do verify out my new, Exhibit webpage. Find me listed here, or on Linktr.ee.

As our gardens mature, thank you as constantly, for your interest and support.

George Delany, 2022

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