Street Self Defence Moves That Get the Job Done!


As an experienced martial artist I have trained for over ten years and would be considered by some to be an ‘expert’ in my field. But what would I do in a real street attack? What street self defence moves would I rely on?

Most traditional martial arts classes just don’t train us for the real world of violence. Of course when you train you want to do so in a friendly and safe environment but if you aren’t pushed and faced with real aggression your years of training will be wasted.

Self defence courses can be short and can be completed as home study if you want to learn moves to get the job done. You may not feel some of these are ‘fair’ but if some stranger attacks or threatens you what does fair mean? We do of course have to act within the law but if it’s ‘life or death’ there are street fighting moves I wouldn’t hesitate to use.

I could teach anyone to double or treble the power they can deliver in a punch in half an hour. But would that help in a real street fight? To some extent yes but when it gets down and dirty you will need to be prepared to go further. I’m talking about biting, eye gouging and even attacks to the throat. The thought of doing these things to another person may horrify you but the reality is that people out on the street are prepared to do far worse.

Throwing arts like judo and aikido have little value on the street. The technical prowess required is too prone to collapse when you are under the stress of real violence.

Street self defence gives you a mindset and practical set of self defence moves you can call on quickly and effectively in real situations. They wouldn’t win you many friends in most martial arts classes but your chance of survival on the streets will be improved beyond most will teach you.

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