Swee Kombucha identity and packaging


Responses by Perniclas Bedow, main government officer, Bedow.

Track record: Swee is a new kombucha brewery in Tbilisi, Georgia. In contrast to its competition, Swee’s power is that it’s 100-% organic with a are living bacteria culture. The objective was to posture Swee as the go-to kombucha for a aware and culinary goal team.

Style and design contemplating: Quite a few kombuchas are branded with an “organic” or “crafty” design—we considered that if we went the other way about and manufactured the design super rational, it would stand out on the shelf. So, we built a grid process with one particular hundred squares, and each individual sq. is loaded with a color symbolizing a per cent of an component. The entrance of the label acts as a rational infographic procedure of Swee’s components.

Issues: When we developed the grid system and filled them with colors, we felt that the total layout experienced develop into a bit flat. The flat search did not match a product or service stuffed with living yeast and microbes, so we chose to interpret each and every ingredient in the type of a pattern. Every single flavor has its very own qualifications sample. The most demanding element was to get all those styles to search excellent in print. We elaborated a lot on the thickness of the strokes and did numerous check prints to get it appropriate.

Favorite aspects: Developing a technique that stands out on the shelf but also can be utilised to distinguish a selection of solutions. It is not normally that easy to fix both equally of individuals complications.

Visual influences: When we discussed generating a rational infographic procedure, I considered about the Windows 95 defrag approach. I don’t forget in the ’90s when I was defragging my first Computer system, waiting and waiting around for these squares to fill up to 100 percent. That defrag graphic was the only reference I showed to our designer, and I requested if we could do a little something as rational as that.

Specific venture needs: The creation budget was pretty restrained, and we could not function with any extravagant resources or printing techniques aside from offset print on conventional paper. Reduced finances is generally a single of my favourite limits, although: it forces you to fix your difficulties in clever approaches.


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