The Art and Science of Web Directory Submissions


Building quality back links has always been the top agenda of any online business. Such links guarantee a success for the business. There are different ways to build the links but all of them are not that popular. This is because of the low success rate that people often get when they try anything other than web directory submission. Do you know this method is considered the best way to build quality back links?

The reasons for preferring this method of building back links are various. The most important thing is that the professional who will be taking care of submission will make manual submissions which will guarantee that your website gets submitted to hundreds and thousands of web directories. This will leave no doubt that your website is linked to all those directories and that you have all the tools ready to influence the search engine ranking.

But before assigning this job to anyone, you need to understand the things that you should get in return of your money. You will be spending your hard earned money on getting these services and you would want to get good value for your money. You will have to make sure that quality web directory submission service is offered at a reasonable price. The service provider will have to make sure that he selects the right categories for your submissions. Selecting a wrong category may result in useless submission.

You will also have to make sure that all the web directories being selected for the submission are high quality directories which are search engine friendly as well. You cannot rely on a provider who selects the directories which are not search engine friendly. You main target is to get a better search engine ranking and selecting the directories which are not search engine friendly will hurt you goal badly.

The directory submission will guarantee permanent links which will result in increased traffic and better search engine ranking. But for this to happen, the directories must have better search engine ranking themselves. In this way, your website will be linked to better ranked websites and you will get more out of your links.

Different directories have different review times and this heavily affects your website and the links which you are trying to generate using these directories. Try to find the directories which do not only have lesser review time but are also relevant to your cause; that means they have a good ranking with the search engines as well.

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