One of the great representations for the Mexican flag is their national costume. There’s not a type of dress that could be totally considered as ‘traditional’ Mexican costume due to the complicated history of Mexico. Possibly Mayan clothing, since it was made and dressed in before the invasion by the Spanish people is the most really traditional. However, contentions could also be done for what is diversely identified as puebla dress, campesina, peasant clothing, folklorico, folk dress, etc. When the national costume undertook Spanish designs, it went on to change in different manners from one state to another. There are some styles for men and women that could not be described as traditional, and a lot is based on the origin and which era you would like to represent.

Traditional Mayan clothing is multi-coloured and comfy. A lady’s the outfit is made up of a blouse named huipil, a plain square of cloth that has a hole in the centre. It is embroidered in the neck area, folded in half then sewn on the sides. The embroidery in this clothing is likely to be highly crafted and expressive.

A man’s outfit was faster to assume as more Spanish-inspired for a lot of reasons. The typical embroidered underclothing is still visible, but as a belt or strap. Their shirts could still be woven using traditional materials and colours but they use collars and some other European features. Hats that are typically made from straw are ordinary part of the men’s costume.

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