“Une musique intérieure (Conduct, Language, Voice, Inner Ears)” at Tabakalera, Donostia / San Sebastián


The Exhibition “Une musique intérieure” questions our perform, our language, and our voice as just one would the stability of our internal ear as instruments that stabilise our intimate relationship with the outside the house planet. The exhibition “Une musique intérieure” (Interior New music) is the new framework for the score Solo &#8211 Mother nature Research Notes &#8211 1969-2019 [Athens Version] created and performed in collaboration with Georgia Sagri, Delia Gonzalez and Serapis Maritime in early summer 2021. This score was created in Greece by employing freely obtainable improvisation rites (prose guidelines) exercising the open up resource basic principle of the 1960s English collective, The Scratch Orchestra. The define of the exhibition’s floor plan at the Very hot Wheels gallery in Athens, wherever this perform was 1st exhibited, is superimposed on to the Tabakalera place. Also, the clothing intended by Serapis Maritime for the effectiveness is printed with photos from the Greek gallery and verbal recommendations of the rites. Solo &#8211 Mother nature Examine Notes &#8211 1969-2019 [Athens Version] 2021 seeks to interrogate the romantic relationship amongst the unique and the collective. The rating aims to obtain the activation of distinctive rites by way of the clothing worn by one human being (a solo performer) who animates the directions, therefore shifting the design of the social overall body on to the somatic formation of the individual. On the other hand, the viewers (a collective) is then placed in free circulation close to this activation so that the team is more affected in its active listening or passive conduct. The exhibition at Tabakalera calls  on the scores of composers who have been pioneers in their focus to contexts, this kind of as Alvin Lucier (Chambers, 1968), Pauline Oliveros (Deep Listening, 1989), and Milan Adamčiak (Floor scores, 1967). As Erik Satie already emphasised in his Musiques d&#8217ameublement (Carrelage phonique, 1917), interiority is colonised by social rules. It is the political level of determinism and the instrumental character—in the double perception of musical instrument and device of manipulation— that artists, this sort of as neighborhood artist Amable Arias or a new era of artists these as Eva Barto, Mattin, Matthieu Saladin, and Cally Spooner, specify in this exhibition which is provided to the general public as a chamber songs concert.

— Pierre Bal-Blanc

Curated by Pierre Bal-Blanc, in discussion with Oier Etxeberria.

Collaborating artists: Milan Adamčiak, Amable Arias, Eva Barto, Delia Gonzalez, Daniel Grúň, Alvin Lucier, Mattin, Pauline Oliveros, Ga Sagri, Matthieu Saladin, Erik Satie, Scratch Orchestra, Serapis Maritime, Cally Spooner and Vier5.

At Tabakalera, Donostia / San Sebastián
till April 24, 2022


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